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Sara J. Marsden B.A.(Hons)
Sara has been researching and writing about death care culture and the funeral industry for the last five years.  Compelled by personal exposure to an aspect of life that most of us choose not to reflect upon until we are suddenly faced with dealing with it.   

With an academic background in Cultural Studies, Sara became intrigued with our cultural death care rituals, and how the death care industry was on the epoch of change.  Having served as a Training Adviser within the FMCG sector, an adult instructor within the Lifelong Learning sector and a Business Consultant, Sara combines a wealth of experience and skills. Working alongside funeral professionals, this feeds her passion to interrogate the funeral industry, and help educate people about end-of-life choices and how to be better prepared.

Why I care
“Death is something most of us do not openly talk about.  The customs and rituals that surround the end-of-life process are as integral to our culture as many other life events, yet somehow it is a ‘taboo’ subject in our society.  I believe that by observing, analyzing and interrogating how the death care industry operates within our culture, positions me to be able to provide qualitative consumer guidance.  By reporting on the cultural shifts in the funeral industry, and continuing to write articles that help people make informed decision about death care, we can hopefully de-mystify the whole death care process.”


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