What is Direct Cremation?

The cremation rate in the U.S. has now reached over 57% as more families are choosing cremation as an alternative to a traditional burial service.  Many funeral service providers are reporting much higher cremation rates, with some funeral homes now finding 70-80% of their funeral cases involve a cremation.

It is even more interesting to realize that there is a demand for simple, affordable, and ‘no fuss’ cremation.  More families are choosing the cremation option of a ‘direct cremation’.  A direct cremation is where no ceremony or funeral services are included.  The deceased is collected from the place of death and simply directly cremated once all the required legal paperwork and permits are completed.

A direct cremation is the funeral industry term for a direct disposition with no services.  It is also referred to as a simple cremation, clinical cremation, or direct disposition.

Why is direct cremation proving so popular?

Many of the funeral service providers in the DFS Memorials network report that around 80% of their cremation cases are direct cremation cases.  So why is direct cremation proving such a popular option for families today?

There are two significant reasons why direct cremation is becoming popular.

  1.  Affordability
  2. Flexibility

So, let’s take a closer look at how direct cremation is changing the way families can arrange a funeral.

Cremation services

Direct cremation makes funeral services affordable!

Although many funeral homes do not want to acknowledge it, more and more families simply cannot afford the cost of a full traditional funeral today.  A traditional funeral costs in the region of $7,000 plus cemetery costs, meaning that in total funeral expenses can amount to around $10,000.  And this is being on the conservative side of the full cost of a traditional funeral.

The reality is that many families are struggling just to make ends meet today and if the deceased had not made any financial provision, or pre-need funeral plan often times the next of kin cannot immediately afford the expense of a funeral.

Cremation has made death care more affordable.  In general terms, a cremation will reduce the cost of funeral expenses by at least 30%, if not more.

Direct cremation offers the most affordable funeral option.  Due to the limited services delivered by the funeral director, a direct cremation package will normally cost under $1,000.  In many cities in the U.S. now as direct cremation gains popularity, a direct cremation package can be purchased for between $600 – $995.  This obviously makes direct cremation a much more affordable option for those families concerned about what money they have to pay for a funeral.

DFS Memorials is a network of local, independent funeral homes that all offer an inexpensive direct cremation package.  Visit DFS Memorials NOW if you have the immediate, or imminent, need for a simple low-cost direct cremation.

Direct cremation

Arrange memorial services at a time, and place, that suits the family

Direct cremation offers greater flexibility about making funeral memorial arrangements.  There is no need to rush to make funeral service arrangements and for family and friends to try and attend a funeral on short notice.

Instead, the cremation can be conducted and the cremated remains returned to the family, who can then decide when, and how, to arrange a memorial service.  Many families are choosing to conduct their own memorial services at places that were more relevant to the deceased than the local funeral chapel.

Cremation also offers greater flexibility of memorialization options in terms of memorial artifacts that can be made from cremated remains.  Instead of interring remains in a cemetery plot, it is possible to have a memorial made that you can keep with you wherever you are.

Memorial diamonds, glass goblets or paperweights, jewelry, birdbaths, wind-chimes, portraits…..the list of what you can do with cremated remains to memorialize is growing every day as cremation becomes more popular.

So, if you are considering your funeral plans and have decided upon a simple cremation, then a direct cremation plan may be the way to go!  For more information check out our Ultimate Guide to Cremation or visit our Cremation section in our Funeral Resources, or contact your nearest DFS Memorials cremation provider to find out more today.

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Sara is the Editor in Chief for US Funerals Online and has been researching and writing about the death care industry in the US for the last 15 years.