The Ultimate Guide to Cremation 2023

The cremation rate has reached almost 58% and is forecast to approach 80% by 2035.  Although most of us now understand the basics of what a cremation disposition entails, we are still asked questions every day by families grappling with some quandary about cremation. So, we have put together this ultimate guide to cremation.  Everything … Read more

Can an Obese Person be Cremated?

As a ‘Fast Food Nation,’ we have an ongoing obesity epidemic to contend with, and here at US Funerals Online, we are being asked more frequently about what happens when someone overweight opts for cremation.  With over a third (44.3%) of the adult population in the U.S. classed as clinically obese and around 69% actually … Read more

Cremation Costs in North Carolina 2023

This guide aims to help you learn about cremation costs in North Carolina. We have included a price comparison for the major cities, along with tips for how to cut funeral costs and what you need to know when arranging a cremation service. How much does it cost for a cremation in North Carolina? Firstly, … Read more

A Guide to Cremation Costs in New York State 2023

If you are researching cremation costs in New York, or need to find the best cremation price due to managing a funeral budget, read on to learn more about funeral costs.  How a direct cremation service can save you thousands of dollars in funeral expenses and give you more control over arranging a simple, inexpensive … Read more

Cremation Laws and How They affect Arranging a Cremation

Cremation Funeral

As cremation is growing in popularity as a disposition choice, we are finding that more people are searching online to find out the laws for cremation in their state.  As a body is completely reduced to just ashes in the cremation process, there are quite strict laws governing the cremation of a body.  There are … Read more

Guide to Cremation Costs in Illinois in 2023

With a cremation service now the preferred disposition choice for over 60% of Americans, we have put together this guide to help you be better informed about making cremation arrangements in Illinois.  Read on to learn more about cremation costs and services, legal requirements, pre-planning, financial assistance, and many more FAQs. What does a cremation … Read more

Cremation Costs in Georgia 2023

This guide to cremation costs in Georgia aims to answer many of your questions about arranging a cremation service.  Including what cremation costs are by city location in Georgia, how to arrange an immediate low-cost cremation, and how best to pre-arrange for an affordable cremation plan. How much does it cost for a cremation in … Read more

Understanding Cremation Costs in Florida 2023

Curious about what cremation costs? Do you need to arrange an affordable cremation service for a loved one?  Or, are you looking to set up a simple, no-fuss, inexpensive cremation plan to have peace of mind and save your family the burden of funeral expenses?Then, this guide to cremation costs in Florida aims to help … Read more

What is the 2023 Cremation Rate in the US? How is this affecting prices?

The National Funeral Directors Association 2022 Cremation & Burial Report presented interesting statistics for the funeral industry and consumers.   This year the cremation rate is predicted to reach close to 60% percent, with a forecast that the national cremation rate will now reach 80% by 2035. How is this going to affect cremation costs in 2023? … Read more

3 Important Things To Consider about Cremation in 2023

With a cremation rate at 59% and growing, we thought it is time to reflect on some important things that could affect cremation costs in 2023 and the continued demand for direct cremation services. Why has cremation become the popular disposition choice for families? There are several reasons cited as to why cremation has become … Read more

What is the average cost of a cremation?

Cremation now accounts for almost 59% of all funerals in the United States, with industry watchdogs reporting that by around 2035, the cremation rate will hit just under 80%.  This is a huge shift in the death care industry from traditional burial funerals to cremation.  There are several reasons why cremation is gaining popularity, and … Read more

A Guide to Cremation Costs in California 2023

If you are researching cremation costs in California, or need to find the best cremation price due to managing a funeral budget, read on to learn more about funeral costs.  How a direct cremation service can save you thousands of dollars in funeral expenses and give you more control over arranging a simple, inexpensive disposition.  … Read more

Looking for a “low cost” or even FREE cremation service?

Click here to visit DFS Memorials and find a low-cost cremation near you Understanding funeral costs The average cost of a funeral in America today is between $7,000 – $10,000, according to a national website that collected funeral prices from funeral homes across the US last year. The National Funeral Directors Association last recorded an … Read more

Scattering cremation ashes in the Caribbean Sea

The cremation rate in the United States is now at 58% nationally [CANA], with some areas experiencing much higher cremation rates and some areas, such as Texas, experiencing exponential growth in the cremation rate year-on-year.  The increased cremation rate means that more families are now faced with the question of what to do with the … Read more

Traditional Cremation vs. Direct Cremation: What You Need to Know

Cremation is now the preferred disposition choice for the majority of Americans.  Yet, there can still be some confusion for families about exactly what a cremation service entails, and how to choose the ‘right’ cremation option for their needs. In this guide, we are going to explore the differences between a traditional cremation service and … Read more

What is the least expensive way to be cremated?

This is a question often asked when a family needs to find the most inexpensive disposition option. In this article, we will guide you on how to find the cheapest cremation option you can select, help direct you to a local low-cost cremation provider, and provide tips on other options to help you save money … Read more

Funeral Cremations

Cremation is fast becoming the preferred choice of many families in America today.  In fact, the cremation rate has been steadily growing for the last 5 years and has now reached almost 60%. Of course, in some states the cremation rate is much higher (such as California), but in most states now the interest in … Read more

How to transport cremated remains

This guide to shipping cremated remains aims to highlight exactly what you need to know to transport cremated remains, either within the United States or to another country.  As the cremation rate increases and families are more dispersed, there is a growing demand for the easy transportation of cremated remains.  In some cases, the family … Read more

Cremation and the Catholic Church

For much of its history, the Catholic Church banned cremation as a means of disposition for deceased Catholics.  Cremation was not allowed according to the Catechism of the Church, as it was not a proper way to respect the dead and respect the human body.  This is related to the notion that man was created … Read more

What is the average cost of a cremation in New Jersey?

The cremation trend is sweeping across our nation as more and more families choose cremation as a lower-cost alternative to traditional burial.  In New Jersey, the cremation rate has climbed steadily over the last decade and now represents around 5 out of every 10 funerals.  This rate is expected to climb significantly over the next … Read more

Low-Cost Cremations

Cremation is on the increase in North America, and forecast to rise considerably over the next fifteen years.  It appears that Americans are shifting in their preference for tradition and burial.  The Cremation Association of North America CANA (2010) conducted research that has evidenced the following nine factors as considerations as to why cremation is … Read more

How To Arrange a Low-Cost Cremation

Dealing with a death & making funeral or cremation arrangements Dealing with a bereavement that has recently occurred, or is imminent, is an extremely distressing time.  For those who have not had to deal with making the necessary arrangements following a family death, this can be an additional stress, especially with the need to take … Read more

Outdoor Cremation – the Funeral Pyre of a mountain town in Colorado

Crestone, Colorado is the location of the only outdoor human cremation facility in the United States.  Some may consider it an archaic tradition, but the facility in Crestone will perform a funeral pyre for anyone, regardless of their religion. Funeral industry professionals say that this facility is the only one of its kind in the … Read more

What is Direct Cremation?

The cremation rate in the U.S. has now reached over 57% as more families are choosing cremation as an alternative to a traditional burial service.  Many funeral service providers are reporting much higher cremation rates, with some funeral homes now finding 70-80% of their funeral cases involve a cremation. It is even more interesting to … Read more

What is a Cremation Society?

A cremation society is an organization, made up of members, who through their membership ensure their future cremation wishes are met.  Society members usually pay a subscription fee to become a member and can either preplan and prepay their cremation, or merely pre-register.  In some states, state law allows a funeral business to use “society” … Read more