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Cremation is on the increase in North America, and forecast to rise considerably over the next fifteen years.  It appears that Americans are shifting in their preference for tradition and burial.  The Cremation Association of North America CANA (2010) conducted research that has evidenced the following nine factors as considerations as to why cremation is now on the increase:

1. People are dying older and choosing cremation for themselves. 

2. Migration to retirement locations is on the increase. 

3. Cremation has become more acceptable. 

4. Environmental considerations are becoming more important. 

5. The level of education is rising. 

6. Ties to tradition are becoming weaker. 

7. Regional differences are diminishing. 

8. Religious restrictions are diminishing. 

9. Greater flexibility in memorialization services.

The Wirthlin Report (2006) sponsored by the funeral industry, provided the five principal reasons why cremation is chosen.

1. Saves Money (30%) 

2. Saves Land (13%) 

3. Simpler (8%) 

4. Body Not in Earth (6%) 

5. Personal Preference (6%)

This report clearly highlights that cost is the primary reason why cremation is on the increase.  Cremation is most certainly a personal choice, but the decision to opt for cremation is increasingly one of cost as well.  A simple, or direct, cremation can start at as little as $500, whereas a basic burial will incur costs of around $2,500.  [These prices are generalized examples, and funeral costs do vary considerably by State.]  It is therefore quite understandable how cremation is on the increase, as tough economic time’s impact upon Americans’ pockets.

A low-cost cremation not only saves the family money, but it can also offer a more flexible and personalized funeral service.  If you are considering cremation as an option for a recent family death, or in pre-planning your own funeral arrangements, then it is recommended you contact more than one funeral home to compare cremation costs.

DFS Memorials – a network of low-cost cremation & funeral providers

DFS Memorials is a nationwide network of independent and local funeral homes and cremation companies that offer low cost, direct cremations.  This network can put you in touch with a designated low-cost cremation provider where you live.  Their ethos is to provide to families, at their time of need, access to simple, transparent information about cremation services and costs.  All the providers in the network are licensed local, independent funeral service homes that can fulfill an affordable, low-cost simple cremation.  Trained compassionate Funeral Counselors are on hand 24 hours a day to take your call, and assist you in arranging a simple, dignified and affordable cremation.

A direct or simple cremation involves the collection and cremation of the deceased without any form of faith or memorial service.  It usually includes the basic services of a funeral director, transportation of remains, the crematory fees, a basic receptacle for the cremated remains and obtaining and filing all necessary certificates and permits for cremation.  The inclusive fees may vary between providers, so do check the specifics of a direct cremation from your local provider.

Although a faith or memorial service is not included as part of a simple or direct cremation, a service can be arranged if required at an additional cost.  Alternatively, you may wish to arrange your own memorial at a place and time convenient to family members.  Families conducting their own, personalized memorial tribute in a befitting way to their lost loved one is also gaining popularity.

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