Guide For Snowbirds, RVers, & Retirees: Funeral Planning if You Winter Away From Home

How can you be prepared for the unexpected if you travel?  We don’t like to think of our mortality, but it is fair to say that traveling can increase the risk of something ‘unthinkable’ happening while we are away from home.  Have you considered just what would happen and how much it would cost if you did die when away from your home?

This guide can help you consider how to be best prepared and protected if you spend some time away from home.

Do You Prepare Before You Travel?

We are a nation that likes to travel.  And RVers and Snowbirds are annual devoted pilgrims. Many do preparation before they hit the road.  Preparing vehicles, routes, medical supplies, and vehicle insurance.  Taking the time to leave their primary home prepared for the winter months.

But how many consider taking out a plan to protect them should a death occur away from their primary home?  Protection to return their remains to the family if the unthinkable should happen. 

Transporting a body back home up north for a funeral or burial can add a huge unprepared for expense.  Would your family be ready to fork out upwards of $3,000 to get you home?

Protect Your Family NOW – Affordable Funeral Shipping Cover – JUST One Payment of $450

Taking Out Protection to Cover Death Care Expenses While Traveling?

Vehicle and accident insurance policies may protect travelers against road accidents. Indeed, dedicated companies such as cater to the rise in accidents in January and February.

RVing is a growing sector, with 11.2 million Americans owning Recreational Vehicles last year, up a massive 62 percent since 2001.  The figures on Snowbirds migrating from the Northern States to winter in the South are a little more difficult to pin down.

Florida’s population booms by 1 million every winter of snowbirds who stay a month or two.

Arizona, California, and the Texas Coast are other popular destinations for those snowbirds fleeing the frigid Northern climate.

What Do You Need To Do to Protect Your Family?

Enroll in Affordable Travel Protection for Funeral Shipping.  Give yourself and your family Peace of Mind – should something inadvertently happen.  It’s such a low cost to provide reassurance and cover for your lifetime.  A one-time fee of just $450 ensures you will never have to pay out expensive funeral shipping charges.

Do You Know Just How Much It Can Cost to Ship a Body Home?

I bet you don’t.  Not if you have never had to arrange funeral shipping.  And most of us would be amazed to learn that mortuary shipping costs much more than flying first class!  Be Prepared….

Domestic Shipping within North America will cost your family at least $3,000.  Never mind all the hassle, red tape, and stress they will have to deal with unexpectedly.

International Repatriation costs start at $7,500, and returning a deceased American from overseas can be even more complicated.

Now, you can appreciate why that $450 would be money so well spent on preparedness!

Do You Have a Funeral Plan at Your Primary Address?

If you already have a funeral plan, your family will want to get you home for funeral arrangements.  Once your remains are transported home, your local funeral home can take over and conduct your funeral wishes.

Having a Travel Protection Plan will ensure your family will not incur an exorbitant additional fee to transport you home.  We have you covered!

We can even help you prepare a final wishes funeral plan that does not require setting up a preneed contract with a funeral home.  With the DFS Memorials Legacy Plan, you can document your wishes or intentions and sign your authorizations. 

Next, we help you work out how much you need to set aside in a Payable-On-Death (P.O.D.) bank trust account to cover the cost.  Your named beneficiaries can withdraw the funds on the production of a death certificate, which gives them immediate access to money to pay for the funeral or cremation.

DFS Memorials has a nationwide network of funeral and cremation providers offering affordable ‘no fuss’ services.  Direct cremation is available for between $795 and $1,995 in most areas across the U.S.

Find a DFS Memorials location and Cremation Price near you now.

What If You Do Not Have a Funeral Plan Back Home?

If you don’t have a funeral plan, the family has the option to select a cremation where the death occurred. The cremated remains are then transported back to the family.  All for just $450.

Even if you think you don’t need a funeral plan yet……this travel protection plan is definitely a ‘must have’ for when you are on the road or wintering elsewhere.

Now, can you see why this Plan is so invaluable to any RVer, Snowbird, or retiree who travels?

Don’t Hesitate – Enroll Today & Be Protected

Most folks we talk to about preplanning for the unthinkable when they travel absolutely agree they should purchase this Plan.

In fact, most cannot believe how little it costs for such Peace of Mind protection.  And what perfect sense it makes as preparedness for ANYONE who happens to travel.

That $450 is money well spent to protect you and your family.

Make Sure Your Family & Travel Companions Know About Your Plan

Finally, do ensure you let your family know you are traveling with a Travel Protection Plan.  Once enrolled, you receive a membership ID card to carry with you.   One call to the travel plan funeral shipping experts at the number on your card and everything is taken care of.

Give your immediate family a copy of your membership agreement with your Travel Plan ID number and the dedicated helpline number.

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Sara is the Editor in Chief for US Funerals Online and has been researching and writing about the death care industry in the US for the last 15 years.