Travel Protection Plan: Affordable Funeral Shipping Coverage

We all travel.  Not just for vacation but on a regular basis to visit family, for our work, to attend events, for sports, sightseeing, or to RV or snowbird for winter. 

Do you have travel protection that would cover all costs to bring you home if something should happen on a trip away from home?

Could your family cope with the cost and stress of bringing your remains home for a funeral? Mortuary transportation within the United States can cost upwards of $4,000. And an unexpected death overseas could incur costs in excess of $15,000 for repatriation.

Travel with Peace of Mind and Protect Your Family Now – One-time enrollment for just $450.

Indeed, it is reported that 80 percent of Americans (over 18) travel away from their home for trips that last more than one night.  We each clock up an average of 14,500 miles yearly on the road.

With this number of Americans traveling, the likelihood that some deaths will occur away from home is all the more likely.  If this should happen, the difficult issue arises of transporting the deceased home or making funeral arrangements from afar.

Are you adequately covered if death should occur while you are traveling?  Funeral transportation is expensive.  Shipping remains back to a home state or country can cost from $3,000 to $15,000. Check out our chart below of typical funeral shipping costs domestic and global.

Protect your family from thousands of dollars of repatriation and funeral costs by purchasing an affordable Travel Protection Plan today.

What is the Travel Protection Plan?

The Travel Protection Plan by Inman Worldwide offers lifetime coverage for a one-time payment of $450 per individual.  The plan covers all expenses to repatriate a person who has died away from home.  Domestic and International coverage.

It is an assurance product specifically providing financial protection from the risk of unexpected death care expenses in the event an individual should pass when traveling away from their home.

Why should I consider enrolling in a Travel Plan?

If you travel for pleasure or business, the travel plan will give you peace of mind and invaluable benefit to your surviving family. Once death occurs, Inman Worldwide will handle all arrangements to return the deceased home. 

Or, if preferred, the family can opt for a cremation at the place of death and the cremated remains returned to the family. No stress for the family. Everything is taken care of by Inman. (In consultation with family members)

Signing up is easy.  Click the link above to enroll now. You will receive an email confirming your enrollment, and you will be mailed a copy of your Service Agreement, a unique ID card to carry with information on who to call and a change of address form.

Your registered address is your ‘U.S. residence’ regarding where the remains would be returned. Therefore, you must update your address information if you should move.

What does the Travel Plan cover?

The plan covers the COST to return you home if a death occurs 75 miles or more away from your legal residence in the United States.  It covers transportation from state to state or returning remains from overseas.

It covers transportation costs, be it an air or ground transfer. And the costs associated with providing this service. It includes providing a suitable transportable container (casket), obtaining all the required documentation and permits, including one death certificate, and providing professional funeral director services to escort the deceased to the outbound airport.

In addition, a local funeral director would meet the inbound flight and transfer the deceased into the care of your chosen local funeral home.

Do you travel for work or pleasure?

If you are a frequent traveler, purchasing the travel protection plan would give you and your family complete peace of mind.  A couples travel protection plan can also be purchased for $875.

Who is eligible to enroll in the Travel Plan?

Any individual with a permanent legal status as a resident of the United States. There is NO age limit.

Funeral Planning with a Travel Protection Plan

If you are making pre-arrangements with a funeral service provider or pre-planning a cremation, the Travel Protection Plan can supplement your funeral plans.  If your family needs to use the TPP, this will cover the costs for repatriation (or cremation at the place of death), and you may be able to claim some reimbursement from your funeral trust funds.

What happens if I need to use my Travel Plan?

You should carry your Travel Protection ID card whenever you travel.  One call to Inman Shipping on the number provided on the card, along with your unique ID plan number, and everything will be taken care of.

Generally, if a death occurs away from home, the family has to engage the services of a funeral provider at the place of death and where the deceased is being transported.

With the TPP, Inman Shipping takes care of everything, including:

  • Contacting a licensed funeral home to collect the deceased and prepare for shipping
  • Securing all the documentation required to transport mortal remains (including one death certificate
  • Transportation of the deceased to a local airport closest to their legal residence that can receive mortal remains.

Protect yourself and your family from unexpected expenses and stress should a sudden passing happen while traveling away from home. A quick one-time application submission and payment of $450 will provide you with lifetime funeral expenses coverage for death 75 miles away from your residence.

Examples of Funeral Shipping Costs

Enroll today by clicking the link to enrollment above, or Contact Us if you have any further questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

QDoes the policy cover all of Inman Shipping Worldwide’s costs, including labor and air transfer?
AYes, the Plan covers ALL Inman’s labor and costs, including the airfare. Inman handles everything and makes all the arrangements.  They do not reimburse a family for making their own transportation arrangements. Inman MUST do Everything.  The family calls Inman, and they coordinate the return of the remains.
QI am interested in the travel plan, I would need to review the agreement before purchase. Could you email me a blank agreement?
AYes, you can purchase the Travel Protection Plan direct from us and gift it to your parents.  There is an option on enrollment to add a different Mailing Address in addition to the Participant’s legal U.S. address.
QIs there an age restriction on purchasing the Plan?  
QCan I purchase for my parents the Travel Protection plan from your website and gift it to them? Or do I need to purchase it locally and go through the funeral service provider where my parents purchased a cremation service package some years ago.
AYes, you can purchase the Travel Protection Plan direct from us, and gift it to your parents.  There is an option on enrollment to add a different Mailing Address in addition to the Participant’s legal U.S. address.
QI already have a funeral plan with a local funeral home. Do my I need to inform/provide the funeral service provider with the plan policy account?
AIt would be useful to advise your funeral home that you have a Travel Protection Plan.  The plan is designed to provide assurance and cover costs to return you home for the arrangements you have already preplanned locally.
QI already have a funeral plan in Texas.  Do I need to provide Inman Global with the name of my funeral service provider in advance so if/when needed, they know who to contact? Or is the information provided when the service is needed.
AInman network with funeral service providers across the world to facilitate this plan.  In the event you need to use the plan, there is a dedicated phone number provided on the membership documents and card.   One call to this number, and Inman takes care of everything to arrange repatriation and/or transfer home.  At this point, you would advise Inman of the funeral service provider who holds the pre-arrangement plans, and they would coordinate with them to make arrangements to transfer into their care.
QI have some questions about the repatriation aspect of your policy that I would like to clarify. My wife (74) and I (71) need to document repatriation coverage in order to obtain a long-stay visa for France for this August. With this one-time payment for a couple will we both have a document that validates coverage for “both of us” from France back to the U.S. that we can then use for our visa application?
AThe Travel Protection Plan offers you global repatriation cover to return your remains back to your legal residence in the United States.  It does cover all costs for repatriation expenses.  However, I could not tell you if this is what a visa for France requires. You would receive documentation outlining your cover, and membership cards.  I would suggest you validate with whoever is processing your visa if this type of cover is what is required.  

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Sara is the Editor in Chief for US Funerals Online and has been researching and writing about the death care industry in the US for the last 15 years.