A Guide to Sending Funeral Flowers and Sympathy Flowers

Send funeral flowers

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Funeral flowers and sympathy flowers are an important way that we convey condolences and enhance a solemn funeral service.  Beautiful floral displays make excellent tributes to a lost loved one and bring comfort to the family.  What kind of flowers to send, what etiquette you should follow, when and where to send funeral flowers, and how to send funeral flowers on a budget are all questions that this guide aims to answer.

The cost of funeral flowers has become inhibiting to some families today, and so at US Funerals Online, we have teamed up with Blooms Today to offer our visitors the opportunity to save money on sending funeral and sympathy flowers.

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What kind of funeral flowers should I send?

What is the difference between funeral flowers and Sympathy Flowers?

How much do funeral flowers cost?

Why are funeral flowers so expensive?

How can I send inexpensive or cheaper, funeral flowers?

Where should funeral flowers be delivered?

What kind of funeral flower etiquette do I need to understand?

Deciding what kind of floral tribute is most appropriate.

Should I still send funeral flowers to a cremation?

How do I send funeral flowers same-day delivery to a funeral home?

What kind of message is appropriate to send with funeral or sympathy flowers?

How soon before the funeral should I order funeral flowers?

How can you order funeral flowers online and save money?

When should you not send funeral flowers?

Can you make your own floral tribute for a funeral?

Sending a gift basket instead of a floral tribute

Selecting funeral flowers for a child

Selecting funeral flowers for a veteran

Five Tips for How to Save Money on Sending Funeral Flowers

What kind of funeral flowers should I send?

There are several factors that can help to determine what kind of funeral flower arrangement to send.  It can depend upon your relationship with the deceased, what floral tributes the family is ordering, whether you are attending the funeral or not, and how much you want to spend on funeral flowers.

Generally, the immediate family selects Casket Sprays or Shaped Wreath tributes as a family floral tribute to accompany the casket at the funeral or cremation service.

Some families may request a particular theme for funeral flowers for the service.  This can be a theme of a particular variety of flowers or a color scheme.  It is always wise to check with the family or the funeral home as to whether any special requests have been made.

Choosing a befitting floral tribute can be quite a daunting task. Therefore, we have outlined below some of the typical arrangements you can select from.  If you need help deciding what floral arrangement to select or have any questions about sending funeral flowers, you can call our eFlorist toll-free at (800) 317-4807.

Sympathy Flowers

Funeral Spray

Funeral sprays are a popular choice and are a very versatile floral arrangement.  A funeral spray can be either single-ended or double-ended.  Funeral sprays are available in a wide range of designs, sizes, and colors.

Standing Spray

A standing spray is a design that stands upright, typically supported on an easel or leaned against the casket.  This kind of arrangement ensures the floral arrangement is easily visible during the service.

Order funeral flowers online
Magnificent Life Spray

Funeral Flower Baskets & Posies

Baskets and posies are another popular choice.  A funeral flower basket is an easy way to ensure that flowers can be easily transported and moved around.  This can be especially useful if flowers may be moved from the funeral home or church to the graveside or if the family wishes to take flowers home. 

If you wish to have the family take the flowers home after the services, a floral basket is in order. Baskets and posies are another popular choice. 

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A funeral flower basket is an easy way to ensure that flowers can be easily transported and moved around.  This can be especially useful if flowers may be moved from the funeral home or church to the graveside or if the family wishes to take flowers home.  If you wish to have the family take the flowers home after the services, a floral basket is in order.  The arrangement is tastefully prepared and placed in a wicker basket for this purpose.

A posy is typically a round-shaped floral arrangement, which means it can be viewed from every angle. Flowers hand-tied are set in water and more suited to be sent to the mourner’s home.  The reason is that there is no guarantee that the flowers will remain upright on the trip to the cemetery.

Funeral Wreath

Funeral wreaths are what many people associate with floral funeral tributes. Funeral wreaths are typically shaped, often circular, but come in many shapes, designs, and sizes.  Wreath rings are lovely floral tributes to consider sending.  They consist of a mixture of flowers loosely set in a green wreath.

Funeral Cross

Memorial Floral Tribute

A funeral cross can be a popular choice, especially for a church service or to express a personal sentiment.  Funeral crosses can be made in a variety of sizes and designs.

Heart-shaped Wreath

Funeral Flowers prepared in an oasis base last longer, such as floral arrangements in the shape of a heart.  A heart-shaped wreath can be an extremely personal symbolic choice of floral arrangement, connoting love and compassion.

Letter or Name Tributes

A Letter or name floral tributes are a very personalized form of funeral flowers.  They are often chosen by the close family who wish to express their personal loss and feel the use of a name or term such as ‘Mom’ or ‘Grandma’ is the most befitting tribute.

Cushions and Pillow Tributes

The use of a symbolic cushion or pillow as a funeral arrangement helps to indicate a final resting place and connotes peace and serenity. 

Cushion and pillow tributes can be handcrafted in a range of sizes and colors. Pillows or cushions with your choice of flowers can be made up to be placed in the coffin. The name of the deceased can also be added to the pillow for personalization.

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Casket Spray

A casket or Coffin spray is a large arrangement of flowers that are approximately 4 feet long and are elegantly draped on the casket.  They can be ordered in colors befitting a male or female, as well as a general floral spray mixed with appropriate greens.

Memorial Arrangements

Arrangements of flowers that can either sit on the floor or a tabletop, suitable for the viewing, service or can be sent to the relatives’ home.

Dish Gardens and Plants

Selections of green plants and blooming flowers, suitable for both the funeral service or can be sent to the bereaved relatives’ home.

What type of flowers should I choose for funeral flowers?

Any flower can be used for funeral flower tributes.  However, there are certain flowers that are more popular and more commonly used in floral arrangements.  In many countries worldwide, chrysanthemums are traditionally used in funeral floral arrangements.  White is the most popular color.  However, they are also available in a number of other lovely colors.

One of the reasons white is so popular is that it can be sprayed with any color that is desired.  Another reason is that white denotes truth and honesty. Double chrysanthemums are also popular since they can be used for pillows, names, and massed wreaths very easily.

Roses are a very popular funeral flower because of their striking beauty.  Red roses are the most traditional flower used, and white, yellow, and pink are frequently used as well.

Another traditional funeral flower is the lily.  Longiflorum lilies come in white only, and the flower head has a trumpet shape.  Other types of lilies are also often used in floral arrangements.  Carnations are also traditional funeral flowers.  Massed in red, they have great visual appeal.  However, they are more expensive than chrysanthemums and are consequently not used as often.

Since the type of funeral flowers sent comes from the heart, the decision should reflect your personal feelings for the deceased, and you should be satisfied that your choice sends a sincere and appropriate message.

The Meaning of different Flower Species for funeral flowers and sympathy flowers

The design, color, and history of a flower all contribute to its symbolic meaning.  Lilies are associated with peace, Honeysuckle indicates sweetness of disposition, Coreopsis represents cheerfulness, Roses indicate love, and Aloe symbolizes wisdom and integrity.  Most Florist’s selection of sympathy flowers is in keeping with choosing blooms that have a peaceful and dignified meaning.

How to choose the color of a Sympathy Flower Arrangement

Choosing a particular color of a flower or the color palate of a flower arrangement can set the tone of the condolence message you are trying to convey.  This is yet another aspect of how flowers may communicate in a way that surpasses words alone.

The delicate stems of White lilies and Roses symbolize peace and are very commonly associated with funeral flower arrangements.   Yellow Roses symbolize remembrance and friendship.  Pink Roses can indicate elegance, femininity, and grace.  The colors in sympathy flowers may also help to signify a story about the life of the deceased.  It is quite common for a veteran to be honored with a red, white, and blue floral tribute.  The family of an Italian immigrant may appreciate a sympathy arrangement in the colors of the Italian flag.

Patriotic Funeral Flower Tribute

What is the difference between funeral flowers and Sympathy Flowers?

This is a commonly asked question.  Funeral flowers are the floral tributes that are displayed during the funeral or memorial service.  They are typically sent to the funeral home, crematory, church, or the location where the funeral service is being conducted.

Sympathy flowers are sent to the recently bereaved to show your condolences and offer solace and compassion at a time of distress.  Sympathy flowers are typically sent to the home or workplace of the bereaved.  Sympathy flowers can be sent immediately on news of the death or at any time before or after the funeral.

How much do funeral flowers cost?

A simple funeral flower or sympathy flower arrangement can be sent for as little as $29.99.  The classic peace lily in a basket is the most common affordable sympathy arrangement.  Funeral flower baskets and sprays range in price depending on the size and design of the tribute.  Typically, you can expect to pay in the region of $50.00 – $80.00 for a decent-sized floral arrangement.  Specialist requests for name floral tributes or shaped wreaths can cost anything upwards of $100.00, and a large casket spray can cost between $250 – $700.

Why are funeral flowers so expensive?

Floral arrangements grace any occasion, yet the costs of sending fresh flowers these days can be quite expensive.  Funeral flowers are generally the core of any florist’s business, and therefore, many florists ensure that their prices are matched accordingly within the market. 

As the funeral flower market is highly competitive, this helps to keep the costs for funeral flowers at a somewhat fixed price.  Funeral flowers are an integral part of a funeral service and are important to add some beauty, color, and inspiration to a somber event.  Yet, they can be a huge expense that is very short-lived.  This is often why so many families today ask for charitable donations in lieu of funeral flowers.

How can I send inexpensive or cheaper funeral flowers?

BloomsToday is family-owned & operated. Call us now at (800) 317-4807 or visit BloomsToday to order online.

Many people turn to the Internet today to find out how they can save money on sending funeral flowers.  As I have just mentioned above, you can select simple, inexpensive sympathy flowers, but funeral flowers can end up costing you hundreds of dollars.  Still, sending funeral flowers can work out cheaper than the costs of traveling and attending a funeral.

Most people do want assurances that they are dealing with a reputable flower seller and that their floral tribute will be delivered safely to the funeral home, funeral service location, or home of the bereaved.  An online flower retailer may often be able to offer a discount on funeral flowers, as they are not operating with the same overheads as a flower retail chain.

We have teamed up with Blooms Today, a family-owned American company that offers affordable funeral flowers with a 25% – 50% discount on standard funeral flower prices.  Popular choices of beautiful and inexpensive funeral flowers can be ordered online from this page or by phoning directly toll-free at (800) 317-4807.

You can often arrange to send funeral flowers directly with the funeral home handling the funeral, but you should check their pricing.  Some funeral homes can charge an additional fee for arranging this or have commission arrangements with a florist.

Remember, your love or respect for the deceased should not be measured by how much you can spend on floral tributes!  Simple, elegant, and graceful sympathy flowers need not put you out of pocket.

These days, we are all especially price-conscious.  Whether we wish to reduce our expenditure on funeral flowers or cannot afford the cost of attending a funeral and wish to send some funeral flowers without overspending, then inexpensively priced funeral floral tributes sent directly to the funeral home are a great solution.

Where should funeral flowers be delivered?

Funeral Home or Mortuary

In most cases, funeral flowers are delivered to the funeral home or mortuary handling the funeral.  The funeral director can then ensure that all floral tributes are appropriately displayed and transported together for the funeral service.  It can also help that the funeral home will ensure the family is aware of all the floral tributes that arrive and that there is plenty of time to arrange tributes as the family desires.

Church, crematory, place of worship, or community center

Sometimes, a funeral or memorial service is held at a church, a separate place of worship, or even a community center.  These days’ people are sometimes choosing to personalize a funeral service by holding it at a unique location special to the deceased. However, it can still be preferable to send funeral flowers to the funeral home to ensure that there is someone to receive the flower delivery and there is no confusion. 

Sometimes, floral tributes sent to a church or another location can be left outside or even be misplaced or unnoticed until after the service has been held.  The funeral home will happily receive and transport funeral flowers to the service.

Home of the bereaved or residential address

You can opt to send funeral flowers directly to the home of the deceased if a funeral procession is to leave from this address.  However, bear in mind that, again, the funeral director will happily receive and transport any floral tributes to the residential address for the funeral service. 

Sympathy flowers are most often sent directly to the bereaved at home.  When sending flowers to a residential address, it is best to make sure that there is going to be someone available to receive the delivery at the designated time.

What kind of funeral flower etiquette do I need to understand?

There are numerous questions that people tend to ask about funeral flower etiquette.  Flowers are intrinsically associated with showing support and empathy to the family when someone has passed, but there are some things you should consider before selecting a floral arrangement.

What kind of flowers to select

Deciding what kind of flowers to select for a funeral floral arrangement can require some thought.  Different types of flowers can symbolize different sentiments and have different meanings. Therefore, you do need to bear this in mind.

Any flower can be used for funeral tributes, but certain types of flowers are either more common or are specifically used because of their meaning.  Typically, white lilies and roses connote peace, whereas yellow roses symbolize remembrance and friendship.  Pink roses indicate femininity and elegance. 

The purple cyclamen flower represents resignation and farewell, and orchids are quintessentially associated with beauty and refinement.

Gladiolus connotes a strong character, and tulips signify caring, and white roses signify purity.

Common white flowers, such as carnations, chrysanthemums, lilies, and roses, are often popular funeral flower choices as they can be color-sprayed to the color of your choice.

If you have any doubts about what kind of floral tribute is appropriate, you can always check with the family or funeral director.

Deciding what kind of floral tribute is most appropriate

When choosing to send sympathy flowers, you must consider whether you wish to send a floral tribute to the funeral or whether you wish to send a more personal flower arrangement to the home of the bereaved.  

This choice will determine what type of floral arrangement would be most appropriate to send.   Memorial wreaths and standing or casket-top arrangements are only appropriate if being sent directly to the funeral home.  Whereas sprays, baskets, potted flowers, and plants can bring great comfort when sent to the home of the bereaved.  Flowers can convey much hope, happiness, and remembrance, which is why sending flowers has long been a tradition at times of sorrow.

A gift of flowers is always immensely appreciated, and if you are trying to choose a sympathy flower arrangement – the following general guidelines and tips for sending sympathy flowers may assist.

Should I still send funeral flowers to a cremation?

Yes, funeral flowers are just as important when the family opts for a cremation, especially if a service is being conducted.  In some cases, the funeral will be conducted just like a traditional funeral. Only the deceased will be cremated rather than buried.  In other cases, cremation may be conducted, and then a memorial service held afterward with the ashes present.  Floral tributes are still welcome to grace a memorial service.

How do I send funeral flowers for same-day delivery to a funeral home?

Sending flowers same-day delivery to a funeral home need not be a difficult task.  There is now a wealth of online flower companies across the States that offer same-day delivery of funeral flowers.  The benefit of using an online flower company is that you can visually choose the right type of funeral arrangement by perusing funeral and sympathy arrangements, and in a hassle-free manner, complete your purchase and arrange for your funeral flowers to be delivered at the time of your choice.

If you are sending flowers to a funeral, it is imperative to ensure your flowers are going to be delivered to the funeral home in a timely fashion.  You need to know at what time the funeral is to be held in order to schedule your flower delivery at least a couple of hours prior to the funeral.

In addition to clearly indicating the time of the funeral, it is also very important to have the correct full details of the funeral home.  Most national florists are experienced with the etiquette of sending funeral flowers to a funeral home.  Indeed, in the case of ordering funeral flowers online or by telephone from a reputable florist, it is quite likely that they will use the local florist who is familiar with their local funeral homes.

BloomsToday is family-owned & operated. Call us now at (800) 317-4807 or visit BloomsToday to order online.

In fact, there are a number of online flower companies that will call you to confirm that your flowers have been successfully delivered to the funeral home…just to give you peace of mind!

Online ordering is a streamlined and robust system for making your same-day funeral flower delivery purchase. And if you have any doubts whatsoever about completing your transaction online, you can always telephone through your order.  Most flower companies understand the need for personal service when it comes to funeral flower deliveries.

The key to arranging the delivery of funeral flowers is to ensure you select a reputable flower company that has experience in same-day funeral flower delivery and to ensure that you provide ALL relevant information in relation to the funeral. 

The full address of the funeral home, the full name of the deceased, and the exact time of the funeral.  This will ensure that sending your funeral flowers will arrive on time and minimize any worry.

What kind of message is appropriate to send with funeral or sympathy flowers?

Deciding what message to write on a card to accompany a funeral tribute can be difficult.  The flowers themselves are meant to convey a message of condolence and heartfelt sympathy.  It is wise to keep things simple and offer a short message of condolence.  What kind of message you write and what terms of endearment you choose can largely depend upon your relationship with the deceased.

Here are a few sample sympathy messages to give you some ideas:

With deepest sympathy

Dear [deceased], May you rest in peace

In loving memory of [deceased]

Dearest [deceased], you will always be in our hearts and minds

My heart is filled with sorrow. Rest in Peace

My thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time

You can, of course, choose to send a longer message if you wish.  However, funeral flower messages are generally short and aim to convey concern and express a sentiment.  It is probably better to write more extensively in a sympathy card to send to the family.

How soon before the funeral should I order funeral flowers?

It is generally advisable to order your funeral flowers at least 24 hours before the funeral, although if you are ordering a more complex floral tribute such as a casket spray or shaped wreath, it would be advisable to order at least 48 hours beforehand.  However, it is possible to arrange same-day delivery for funeral flowers.

It is recommended to request that funeral flowers being delivered to the funeral, be delivered to the funeral home or funeral location at least 2 hours before the funeral.  This ensures that the funeral director can carefully receive and arrange the floral tributes in preparation for the funeral.  When you order funeral flowers, make sure the florist knows when the flower arrangements need to be delivered.  If the service is in the morning, make sure they get there first thing.

Send funeral flowers

If you are ordering sympathy flowers to be sent to the home of the recently bereaved, you have more flexibility on when to have them delivered. Sympathy flowers can be sent as soon as you hear about the death or can be sent on the day of the funeral service itself. 

Sending sympathy flowers to the relative’s home is often done as a mark of respect and to show the family that you are thinking about them at a very difficult time. Sympathy flowers can also be sent after the funeral itself to let the family know that just because the funeral service has already happened, you are still thinking of them. 

There are no rules for sending funeral and sympathy flowers. It is always the thought that counts.  Just take into consideration that sending sympathy flowers sometime after the funeral can sometimes be upsetting as it can be a painful reminder of the loss.  However, sending flowers on the anniversary of a death can be a way of showing you care and remember.

How can you order funeral flowers online and save money?

As a nation, we all like to shop online and save money.  There are many, many online flower sellers, but prices for funeral flowers can vary.  If you are particularly looking to buy inexpensive funeral flowers on a budget, then you will find that the funeral flower selection offered by US Funerals Online in partnership with Blooms Today is a great value deal.  All our visitors receive a discount on orders of funeral flowers and sympathy flowers.  Call (800) 317-4807 or click here.

When should you not send funeral flowers?

There are occasions when it is not appropriate to send funeral flowers.  In some cases, the family may request charitable donations in lieu of flowers, and you should respect this request.

Although flowers form an integral part of funeral rituals in many cultures and religions, it is worth noting that in some religions, it is not customary to send funeral flowers.  Jewish culture requires an immediate burial, so funeral flowers are deemed unnecessary.  It is instead more customary to send a gift basket of fruit or provisions to comfort and support the bereaved.

It is not traditional to have funeral flowers at Islamic funerals, although individual blooms are sometimes placed upon graves.  Similarly, flowers are not customary at Hindu funerals but are not unwelcome.

Faith and Religion

Many faiths and religions have their own traditions that govern appropriate condolence gifts for a memorial service.


It is considered tradition to send sympathy flowers either to the bereaved as a condolence message or to the funeral ceremony.


During Shiva, mourners cease normal daily activities to experience the grieving process supported by family and friends.  Sending flowers during Shiva would be considered a distraction.  Sending fruit or gift baskets is often appreciated.


The color red signifies happiness and wealth in Asian cultures, so is not considered an appropriate color for sympathy flowers.


Fruit gift baskets are often considered the appropriate memorial gift in the Hindu religion.

Condolences are so often hard to express. Finding the right words can be so difficult.  A condolence sent as a well-thought-out and beautiful floral arrangement can convey so much.

Can you make your own floral tribute for a funeral?

Yes, you can make your own floral tribute if you wish.  This can be a great way to make a floral tribute that is very personal and can also be a significant way to save money on funeral flowers.  You do not necessarily need expert flower-arranging skills, just some imagination and a willingness to experiment.  

This is made all the easier today when we have online self-help tutorials and videos and can buy flower craft materials.  You can buy flowers at a discount local market, pick them from your own garden, or pick some wildflowers. 

If you wish to read further about making your own floral tribute, visit our article on ‘Creating your own Memorial Tributes.’

Sending a gift basket instead of a floral tribute

Sending a gift basket instead of sympathy flowers is another option.  Sometimes, a recently bereaved person can be overwhelmed with sympathy flowers, and a wonderful gift basket can be a practical and supportive gesture.  Gift baskets are generally made up of a selection of fruits, preserves, biscuits, or more gourmet treats.

Selecting funeral flowers for a child

A death is always a sad event, but the untimely death of a child is always an especially tragic event.  Unthinkable as the task may be, purchasing child funeral flower arrangements can prove in a heart-warming and wonderful testament to what a light the child who has passed away was to the world and those around them. 

It may be difficult to decide what kind of floral tribute is befitting for a child’s funeral, but simplicity and a young theme are always a good way to express your condolences.  It is often considered a good idea to create a floral display using a child’s favorite toy or have a funeral flower arrangement made up in the theme they loved, like a sport or a hobby.  If you are attending a funeral for a child, ordering child funeral flowers in the child’s favorite color is also a very lovely idea.

Selecting funeral flowers for a veteran or Patriotic Funeral Flowers

Red, White, and Blue Funeral Flowers can be a very patriotic way to honor the life of a lost loved one, especially if your loved one served for their country, had an especially loyal love of their country, or passed away on the day of American Independence July 4th.

There are many types of flowers that can strike up a beautiful red, white, and blue bouquet.  Carnations do come in all three colors, so they can be an excellent, simple flower to make a striking red, white, and blue arrangement.

White lilies and blue statice flowers or roses can be used to add more variety if you choose. Indeed, many flowers these days can actually be sprayed to appear as the color of your choice.  Your florist should be able to advise you on what can make the most beautiful patriotic bouquet.

Splendid wreaths can be constructed using all three national colors from our flag.  Alternatively, you can choose to select one or two of the colors and then use ribbon or other trimmings to represent the third color.  For example, a simple arrangement of white carnations trimmed with red and blue ribbon looks extremely patriotic and very dignified.  Or red roses bound with white and blue ribbon can look dramatic and extravagant whilst conveying deep love.  Patriotic floral tributes can be made up using appropriately colored flowers and trimmings.

Whatever you or your florist decide, red, white, and blue funeral flower arrangements will make an excellent patriotic tribute.

Six Tips for How to Save Money on Sending Funeral Flowers

Send funeral flowers
  1. Use an online flower retailer that offers a discount.  Buy from an online flower seller who offers a promotional discount.
  2. Place the order yourself – do not use the funeral home.  The funeral home may offer to arrange funeral flowers for you.  This is great if you really do not want any hassle, but they will charge a commission for their services.
  3. Some funeral homes even own their own florist services, yet despite this will not heavily discount their funeral flower prices, even when they are getting thousands of dollars from you for the funeral.
  4. Opt for simplicity & consider your flower choice.  We can all get easily drawn into thinking we should send something elaborate.  What will people think?  It almost seems embarrassing to be thinking budget-minded.  Do NOT think this way.  The bereaved family will be grateful for any and every floral tribute, regardless of how flamboyant it is.  If you are family arranging a funeral, do not feel pressured into feeling you should have extensive flower displays. Simple and elegant is always best.  The cost of different flowers can change according to the season and availability, so it is wise to check this.  By making informed decisions about what flowers to use, you can save significantly.
  5. Make your own arrangements directly with a florist.  There are relay and order-taker flower sellers these days, such as FTD and Interflora. Yes, they have brand recognition and presence, but they charge a significant fee just to take your order and relay it to a local florist.  If you contact a local florist near the funeral home and place an order directly, you will cut out this expense of using a relay service.  You may also find you get a more personalized service dealing directly with a local, independent florist.  Most of them will already be serving the local funeral homes and know the protocol for delivery to specific funeral homes.
  6. Prepare your own floral tribute and hand-deliver it.  It certainly is not often possible due to distances, time scales, and other reasons. However, preparing your own funeral flowers is a way you can save dramatically on funeral flower costs.  With all the basket, vase, and flower stand accessories that can be purchased these days, it can be reasonably easy to make a beautiful display at a fraction of the cost a florist would charge.  You can even use artificial flowers as funeral flowers, which may mean that the family can keep them after the funeral service.

Whatever you decide, there are certainly ways that you can save money by sending funeral flowers to a funeral home if you apply a few money-saving tips.

This detailed guide to sending funeral flowers and sympathy flowers should have hopefully answered any questions you may have had.

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