The Funeral Home and The Medical Examiner

A smooth and cooperative relationship is required between the Medical Examiner’s office and local funeral homes so that funeral directors can liaise with families, provide prompt information about the examination process, and make arrangements to schedule the collection of the deceased for a funeral or cremation promptly. Why is a body taken to the Medical … Read more

What to do when a US citizen dies in Mexico

A significant number of United States citizens are now living permanently or semi-permanently in Mexico. According to the U.S. Department of State (2023), approximately 1.6 million people born in the US now reside in Mexico. This is still approximate, as it may not include many ex-pats who remain in Mexico without the proper paperwork.  A … Read more

Directory of Medical Examiners in Michigan

Below is a table of all the Medical Examiners in Michigan by county. You can use the search function to find a Coroner. A loved one may be taken to the Medical Examiner’s office if the death happened at a residential address, is the result of an accident or crime, or if there are any … Read more

Directory of Medical Examiners in Texas

Below is a directory of all the Medical Examiners serving Texas. Some ME Offices serve multiple counties. You can use the search box to find a Medical Examiner in a specific location or county. There are 13 County Medical Examiner’s offices serving 254 counties. Some counties appoint a Justice of the Peace, a court official, not … Read more

Directory of New York Medical Examiner Offices

Below is a directory of all ME Offices in New York State, including the County jurisdiction covered. You can use the Search function to locate a Medical Examiner near you. If you need to better understand the role of the Medical Examiner in releasing a body to a funeral home for cremation or burial, read … Read more

Military Funerals – Veteran’s Funerals

When a loved one who was a member of the United States military forces dies, the family will sometimes wish to arrange a burial with military honors.  There are 114 national VA cemeteries in the United States. However, not every state has a national cemetery.  There are also a number of state-run Veteran cemeteries.  The … Read more

Burial or Cremation? – Considering Your Options

Choosing between Burial or Cremation When it comes to arranging a funeral today, you have two main funeral options to choose between when selecting your disposition method – burial or cremation.  A ‘funeral’ refers to the activity that takes place in arranging the disposition.  A funeral or funeral service can be a burial or a … Read more

Social Assistance Funeral Programs

The table below lists by State what type and level of financial assistance may be offered by a State and/or County to assist families with funeral expenses. State State-level Assistance County Department County-level Assistance Limit of family contribution Alabama No County Dept. of Human Services Minimal – $400 According to Alabama law, each county needs … Read more

The process of donating a whole body for medical research

Why choose body donation? A whole body donation can provide a compassionate and humane possible choice for a funeral.  Although full-body donation is not as commonly known as organ donation, it presents an opportunity to donate a greater gift to the future of humankind.  A body donation to science provides a vital learning mode for … Read more

Planning & Arranging a Jewish Funeral

This article covers all the aspects of arranging a Jewish Funeral Service. Understanding the ritual of a Jewish funeral How is the body prepared for a Jewish funeral? The Jewish Funeral Service Jewish Customs and Rituals that follow the burial Shiva – the immediate period of mourning after the death has occurred Shloshim – the … Read more

What to do when someone dies

When you first receive news of a death, be it expected or unexpected, the initial reaction is shock.  Even if you have nursed a loved one through illness or old age, it can still be numbing and distressing when they finally pass away.  If you are the next-of-kin and responsible for making the funeral arrangements … Read more

The Traditional American Funeral

The transition from a home funeral to funeral home What we consider a ‘traditional’ American Funeral today is quite different from the practice of funerals that occurred across our nation over two hundred years ago.  Before the American Civil War home funerals were the general practice.  By the mid-nineteenth century, the preservation of bodies by … Read more

How Baby Boomers may change the notion of ‘death’ in society

The Baby Boomer generation has already made its mark upon the death-care industry, the first generation to demonstrate a changing attitude towards funerals.  This post-war generation, that has been attributed to being radical and revolutionary in all aspects of their lives, is now impacting on the death-care industry as they face their ‘final curtain’ or … Read more