Low-Cost Cremations

Cremation is on the increase in North America, and forecast to rise considerably over the next fifteen years.  It appears that Americans are shifting in their preference for tradition and burial.  The Cremation Association of North America CANA (2010) conducted research that has evidenced the following nine factors as considerations as to why cremation is … Read more

How To Arrange a Low-Cost Cremation

Dealing with a death & making funeral or cremation arrangements Dealing with a bereavement that has recently occurred, or is imminent, is an extremely distressing time.  For those who have not had to deal with making the necessary arrangements following a family death, this can be an additional stress, especially with the need to take … Read more

Outdoor Cremation – the Funeral Pyre of a mountain town in Colorado

Crestone, Colorado is the location of the only outdoor human cremation facility in the United States.  Some may consider it an archaic tradition, but the facility in Crestone will perform a funeral pyre for anyone, regardless of their religion. Funeral industry professionals say that this facility is the only one of its kind in the … Read more

What is a Cremation Society?

A cremation society is an organization, made up of members, who through their membership ensure their future cremation wishes are met.  Society members usually pay a subscription fee to become a member and can either preplan and prepay their cremation, or merely pre-register.  In some states, state law allows a funeral business to use “society” … Read more

Air Transportation for Funeral Homes

With a more transient population today, and with the size of the United States alone, the need for the transportation of human remains has been growing in demand.  As families have moved away from their State of origin for employment, relationships or retirement so has the issue of ‘repatriating’ their remains following death become a … Read more

How Baby Boomers may change the notion of ‘death’ in society

The Baby Boomer generation has already made its mark upon the death-care industry, the first generation to demonstrate a changing attitude towards funerals.  This post-war generation, that has been attributed to being radical and revolutionary in all aspects of their lives, is now impacting on the death-care industry as they face their ‘final curtain’ or … Read more