Finding a low cost Funeral or Cremation option in the US 



Finding a low cost funeral or cremation option in the US

If you are pre-planning or have an immediate need to arrange a funeral service in the United States, US Funerals Online is here to help guide you.  If funeral costs are a determining factor, as they are to so many today, then we can help direct you towards how to save money by finding a cheaper funeral or cremation in the US.

Opting for a simple, direct burial

Reducing the cost of a funeral does not mean that it should be any less dignified, or that you have to compromise in quality.  Many more families in the US today are opting for a simple burial or a direct cremation, not only to arrange a more affordable funeral, but also to reduce some of the unnecessary rituals associated with a traditional funeral service.  A simple burial may just involve the collection and preparation of the deceased, a basic casket, or even a rental casket and transfer to a burial plot with a simple service.  A simple burial in the US is generally available for around $2,000-$3,000.  The cost of the burial plot is additional to this basic price.

Choosing a direct cremation

A direct cremation is the absolute low cost option for a funeral or disposition.  In this case the deceased is collected, the body transferred to a crematory or crematorium for cremation, (usually in a temporary container), and the cremated remains returned to the family in a basic urn.  Families can then arrange their own memorial service.  A direct cremation in the US can be arranged for as little as $495 (depending on the area*).  Arranging your own memorial service can again significantly help reduce your overall funeral costs.  Read our article on DIY Funeral Care: Family-directed Funerals to learn more about how you can manage your own funeral services and save money.

Compare prices between funeral homes & cremation providers

We would highly recommend that you compare prices between funeral homes in the US, as general price lists, do vary considerably.  The funeral home should happily quote you a price for their basic funeral services, and if they seem reluctant to specify an exact cost for a cremation or burial, ask for a printed price list.  Always check exactly what is included with any direct cremation or direct burial package price.

*Typically a direct cremation can be obtained in areas of the U.S. where the cremation rate is high, such as California, Florida, Nevada & Arizona, for as little as $495.  In most areas the average price is around $800, and in some areas, where the population is smaller or the area more affluent, a direct cremation can be much higher.

Expert Author: Sara J. Marsden

Sara is the Editor in Chief for US Funerals Online and has been researching and writing about the death care industry in the US for the last 5 years.

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