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What is the average cost of cremation in Virginia Beach?

As the cremation trend continues to sweep across the United States, more people are seriously considering the option of a cremation service for a loved one’s final disposition.  A significant influencing factor in this decision is simply cost.

The average cost of a cremation in Virginia Beach is decidedly less than the cost of a burial.  A cremation can cost as little as $1,650 for a basic, direct cremation, although the average cost of a cremation with a service is likely to run to over $3,000.

The cost of a cremation in Virginia Beach is higher than many other metro areas in the U.S. where the cremation rate is much higher, and therefore the cremation industry has become more competitive.  The cremation rate in Virginia is around 46%, but as with all states, this is increasing year-on-year.  The national cremation rate in the United States is now at 55%.

Service Corporation International (SCI) trading as ‘Dignity Memorial’ has 15 funeral locations in the Hampton Roads area, and recently acquired the Cremation Society of Virginia.  As SCI also operates a branch of National Cremation Society in Virginia Beach, this gives them quite a presence as far as cremation is concerned.

Compare cremation costs & ensure you know who you are dealing with

It is important to check and compare the basic cost of cremation before you make any decisions.  The cost of a cremation will vary considerably between different cremation providers in Virginia Beach.

It would be wise to establish exactly what kind of company you are dealing with.  Some funeral homes can appear to be independent family-owned businesses but are in fact either owned by or affiliated with, a corporate funeral chain.

Some funeral businesses are using the Internet to market themselves under different guises.  It is always recommended to check they have a local address and clearly identify who they are.

Direct Cremation Service $1,650 Call (757) 304-6533

Price comparison research and funeral home reviews

We conducted some cremation price comparisons in the Virginia Beach area and there are a number of providers offering cremations at a more affordable cost.  Basic, direct cremation packages are available for just $1,650 complete. Do be sure to check EXACTLY what is included in the price you are quoted.  Sometimes a basic price may be quoted but then further fees added that increase the overall cost.

A basic direct cremation package will usually include:

  • Arrangement meeting
  • Collection of the deceased from the place of death
  • Storage of deceased prior to cremation
  • Crematory fee
  • Basic cremation container
  • Temporary container for cremated remains
  • Medical examiners fee
  • One copy of the death certificate

It is possible to cut costs by making all arrangements online, but many families prefer to conduct an arrangement meeting at the funeral home, or at their own home.

Reviewing funeral homes and cremation providers has not generally been common practice.  But as we all become more conscientious consumers using online tools to assist us to share our experiences, there is a growing number of online reviews of funeral businesses.

Use your judgment and integrity, as online reviews are subject to being constructed, just as any online reviewing tools are.  In the funeral and cremation business word-of-mouth recommendations are usually a significant way that people gauge the service levels of a funeral home.  It is always useful to ask around friends, colleagues, and associates to benchmark what experiences they have had.

Being educated and informed about the various cremation options open to you, how the law governs cremation in Virginia, and what costs to expect for cremation means that you can remain in control throughout the arrangement process.

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