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Cremation costs: Average cost of cremation in Pittsburgh

With cremation on the increase in Pennsylvania, more families are seeking out information on cremation costs in Pittsburgh.  This article aims to provide families with an overview of cremation costs and cremation options in Pittsburgh.  Families can save hundreds of dollars by selecting an affordable cremation services provider, but many families do not know where to start in comparing cremation services, or understanding how best to select cremation services and cut costs.

What is the best way to compare cremation costs in Pittsburgh?

It can be a daunting task trying to compare cremation services and costs between different funeral homes and crematories in Pittsburgh.  DFS Memorials has a low-cost cremation provider who offers a complete direct cremation service for just $695.  DFS Memorials compares direct cremation prices in an area to find a ‘best value’ low price direct cremation service.

Hopefully, this information can assist you to make an informed decision about which cremation service provider offers the best value cremation service in Pittsburgh.

What is the average cost of a cremation with a service in Pittsburgh?

Average cremation costs can often be a misleading figure as the cost of a cremation can vary so much between different providers.  The cost of a cremation with a service differs in price depending upon what type of graveside, chapel or memorial service is selected.  To give you a general guide – a cremation with a simple service can start from just over $1,000 but range up to just under $5,000.  The simpler the service and the less ancillary products such as obituaries, guest book, memorial folders, the more the overall cost is reduced.

What is the cost of a direct cremation in Pittsburgh?

Direct Cremation $695 Call (412) 203-5809

One of the best prices for a direct cremation in Pittsburgh is $695.00 complete, however, the cost for a direct cremation can range up to over $2,000.  It is imperative that you compare like-for-like direct cremation packages and ensure that you are being quoted for a complete service with no hidden extras!

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How do I find an affordable cremation service provider in Pittsburgh?

The DFS Memorials provider for Pittsburgh offers one of the most competitive prices for direct cremation and understands your family’s need for affordable funeral services.  As a family-owned funeral home, they are here to lend compassionate and inexpensive funeral services to support your family in their time of need.

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What help is there with cremation costs in Pittsburgh?

Each state has its own indigent burial assistance program, although this is generally to cover the funeral costs for those indigents that become the state’s responsibility.  To inquire if you qualify for any financial assistance with cremation costs, you need to contact your local county Social or Human Services.  Sometimes limited funds are available for those on welfare or low income.  There is also the lump sum Social Security death benefit of $255 if you qualify.

How can I preplan a simple cremation in Pittsburgh?

Preplanning is a great way to ensure your wishes are met and your family is saved from the emotional stress, and financial responsibility, of meeting your funeral expenses.  You can set up a preneed contract through a funeral home, and indeed these can often be transferred from one funeral home to another, should you so wish.

Alternatively, you can document your wishes and set aside the funds required to meet your needs in a Totten Trust, otherwise known as a POD account (Payable on Death).  This is considered by many funeral consumer advocates as a safe and convenient way to preplan your funeral.


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