Whether you are researching with an interest in making a cremation plan for yourself or need to arrange a funeral or cremation service for a loved one who has passed, this funeral and cremation planning guide will answer some of the key questions you will have.

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The following FAQs about cremation costs and funeral prices in the Atlanta area, as well as state funeral laws and other funeral/cremation considerations, have been put together to help you know where to start when arranging a funeral or cremation.

Cremation costs in Atlanta: How to save money arranging a cremation

Cremation is becoming a preferred funeral option for families across the U.S. today, and even in Atlanta, cremation is now being chosen by more families.  The Cremation Association of North America (CANA) and Industry watchdogs cite cost as one of the primary reasons why more of us are opting for cremation. 

This is quite understandable considering that cremation costs around a third, if not a quarter, of the cost of a traditional burial, and at a time when more families are struggling financially.

How much does a cremation cost in Atlanta?

This is the question that many families turn to the Internet to find out.  It may be that you have no idea how much cremation is, or you have already been quoted a price for cremation and want to know whether this is a fair price.

Often, the price quoted for a direct cremation does NOT include transport and service fees. Some funeral homes advertise a lower price, which isn’t the complete price with all fees included. The DFS Memorials provider serving Atlanta offers a direct cremation price of $750 complete, with no added fees or charges.

Direct Cremation $895 Call (404) 445-0239

According to online Funeral Price Comparisons (2023), the average cost of a direct cremation in Atlanta is $1,841. However, you can save money by arranging a direct cremation with a cremation company focusing on offering families value cremation packages. 

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Some budget cremation providers specialize in offering simple and affordable cremation services, and many of these keep their costs down by arranging everything by phone or online. They offer direct cremations for between $895 and $1,295. Then there are the larger funeral homes (with a greater overhead) that will generally charge between $2,000 – $3,000 for direct cremation.

What type of cremation service can I have?

There are 3 main types of cremation service – a funeral service followed by cremation, a cremation with a memorial service (generally after the cremation and with the cremation urn present), or direct cremation, which is a cremation without any ceremony.  You can also customize a cremation service to suit your needs.

To learn more about cremation services, the cremation process, secure ID tracking, cremation regulations, and laws, visit our Ultimate Guide to Cremation.

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Who is responsible for paying for a funeral?

If the deceased did not pre-arrange and pre-pay for a funeral plan, then the responsibility for paying for a funeral falls to the immediate next of kin.  This can, understandably, be quite a burden for many people, and this is why more seniors today are considering setting up simple cremation arrangements. 

Pre-planning can be a simple and affordable option, giving families peace of mind for when the time comes. 

Be aware that whoever signs the funeral contract with the funeral home is considered legally responsible for the payment of the funeral bill.

If you are interested in pre-arranging a simple cremation plan, contact your local DFS Memorials location at (404) 445-0239.

Do I need a casket for a cremation service?

No, you do not need a casket for cremation as it is not incinerated with the body.  All that is required by law is a suitable combustible cremation container.  This is usually a cardboard or plywood box. 

Suppose you are holding a funeral service before the cremation and wish to have the deceased laid out in a casket. In that case, some funeral service providers in Atlanta offer rental caskets for this purpose.

The fact that you do NOT need a casket is one of the reasons why a cremation can be so much cheaper than burial and a way to keep the funeral costs down.

What is the cheapest cremation I can arrange in Atlanta?

The most economical cremation you can arrange is a direct cremation.  This is the term given by the funeral industry to a basic cremation.  This is a cremation without any services and where the cremated remains are generally returned in a temporary urn. 

Of course, you can choose to add a ceramic or wooden urn to a direct cremation package for an additional charge, or you can purchase your own cremation urn for the crematory to deposit the ashes into.

A direct cremation is still a very dignified disposition of remains.  Crematory regulations and practices must be adhered to, and the deceased must be treated with the same procedures and dignity as he/she would be for any other funeral service.

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Can I still have a memorial service if I opt for a direct cremation in Atlanta?

Yes certainly. More families are choosing to opt for direct cremation and then conduct a memorial service or ash-scattering service at a later date.  You can have a memorial service at whatever venue you choose. It does not have to be a funeral home or chapel. 

In fact, as Life Celebrations become more popular for funeral services, more families are opting to personalize a memorial service and conduct services themselves or with the assistance of a funeral celebrant.

Comparing cremation costs in Atlanta

At US Funerals Online, we believe every family should be able to compare cremation costs between cremation service providers without feeling that it is undignified to inquire about cremation prices. 

We also believe that you should be able to arrange a simple cremation for a low cost and not spend unnecessarily on funeral costs.  You should be mindful that different cremation providers can price the same cremation service differently.

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If you have the immediate need for a low-cost cremation service, call now at (404) 445-0239 or call with any questions about preplanning a simple cremation today.

Make your own memorial tributes to keep funeral costs down

Making your own memorial tributes not only keeps costs down, but it can also be a super way to really personalize a tribute. We have a detailed article, ‘How to create your own memorial tributes,’ which thoroughly discusses how you can make your own prayer cards, candles, memory boards, and other memorial stationery and tribute ideas.

Cremation offers an inexpensive, dignified, and versatile funeral alternative.  You can save thousands of dollars on the cost of a traditional burial, plus there are numerous options with what you can do with the cremated remains instead of interment. 

Cremated remains can also be transported anywhere in the continental USA using the United States Postal Service for between $50.00 – $75.00.

Check out our section on ‘Cremation’ in our Funeral Resources to read more articles about cremation, ash scattering, and memorialization.


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