How to arrange an affordable cremation in Philadelphia in 3 easy steps

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Cremation has become the preferred choice today. We are frequently asked about the simplest and most affordable way to arrange a cremation in Philadelphia. 

Arranging a cremation is relatively straightforward. However, Pennsylvania has a mandatory 24-hour waiting period before a cremation can be performed. A cremation authorization form must be completed by the next of kin.

Here, we have outlined 3 key steps to help you arrange a simple and affordable direct cremation service.

Cremation cost in Philadelphia

#1  Identify a cremation provider in Philadelphia

Firstly, you must contact a local cremation provider, crematory, or funeral home.  There are around 200 funeral homes in Philadelphia, so it can be challenging to know where to start, which company to select, and how to compare cremation services. 

Here at US Funerals Online, we researched a local, family-owned business that can offer an affordable cremation package to residents of Philadelphia.  We aim to help remove that stress in your time of need. If the cost of the cremation is a concern, then the local DFS Memorials affordable cremation provider is a family-owned funeral business that will offer you compassionate and affordable service.

Direct Cremation Service $1,295 Call (215) 310-0777

#2  Prepare the necessary documentation

Cremation laws Philadelphia

Gather together the relevant documentation* required to compile the death certificate and cremation authorization form.  This way, the funeral home can quickly process the necessary paperwork and obtain the cremation permit.  There is, of course, a mandatory 24-hour waiting period before the actual cremation can be conducted in Philadelphia. 

A casket is not required for cremation in Philadelphia, but a suitable combustible alternative container is generally used for cremation purposes.   If you do wish to have a casket, even just for the purpose of a viewing or service, your funeral home may be able to rent you a casket.

A rental casket can be a great way to save on costs but still offer the family the opportunity to hold a dignified goodbye viewing.

#3  Decide upon the type of cremation service you require in Philadelphia

Cremation service options in Philadelphia

Decide upon how you want to receive the cremated remains.  A temporary cremation container is generally provided with a basic direct cremation package.  You can choose to select a cremation urn, if you so choose, from your funeral home. 

Alternatively, you can purchase a cremation urn from an Urn retailer, transfer the remains, or choose to scatter the remains. 

If you wish to hold a service before the cremation, your funeral home will help you arrange this.  Or, if you wish, you may receive the remains and then conduct a memorial service at a later date. This can also be a way to have more control over the memorialization and allow you to gather family and friends together at a time and place that suits you.

These 3 simple steps will enable you to arrange an affordable cremation in the Philadelphia area.

To learn more about cremation services, the cremation process, secure ID tracking, cremation regulations, and laws, visit our Ultimate Guide to Cremation.

* You will require the deceased’s social security number, birth certificate, and any discharge papers for a veteran.

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