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Affordable cremation services in Los Angeles

Cremation is the preferred end-of-life disposition choice for over half of all Los Angeles residents today. This guide answers your questions you may have about arranging a cremation service and cremation costs.

The cremation market is very competitive in Los Angeles, with around 50 funeral businesses, so selecting the right cremation provider for your needs and budget can be difficult. 

Direct Cremation Service $925 Call (323) 798-9055

Cremation cost in Los Angeles

Cost is probably the determining factor these days for most people arranging a cremation.  We are price-conscious consumers and want the best value deal for the product or service we require.  Why pay more when you can pay less?

First call:  What to do when a death occurs

When a death occurs, your first call will be to select a funeral home to handle funeral arrangements and transfer the deceased into their care. Most deaths occur in a medical facility, where the deceased can be held for a short period in the hospital morgue if necessary.

Give yourself some time to select the right funeral service provider for your needs, and try not to feel rushed to make a decision immediately.

What is the cost of a cremation in Los Angeles?

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Compare cremation costs  Los Angeles

The cost for a cremation in Los Angeles can vary dramatically depending upon which cremation provider you choose.  In fact, you will be surprised by just how big that variance is in one city for the equivalent service.

The more traditional funeral establishments in Los Angeles will charge a higher price tag, as they are still locked into the dying culture of expensive funerals.  You should be aware that Service Corporation International (SCI), which trades as Dignity Memorial, also operates a number of cremation companies in Los Angeles.  National Cremation Society, Advantage Funeral & Cremation Services, and the Neptune Society* are all owned and operated by SCI or affiliated with SCI.

Neptune Society* – This trading name is also used by other funeral companies outside of Los Angeles in California.

How do prices compare for a direct cremation in Los Angeles?

Cremation service options in  Los Angeles

If you are looking for the best value, low-cost cremation in Los Angeles, DFS Memorials is a nationwide network of affordable direct cremation providers. The DFS Memorials locations serving Los Angeles can guarantee one of the best prices for a simple, dignified cremation service.

We conducted some price comparisons of low-cost cremation providers in Los Angeles, and as you can see from the results below, even in the ‘affordable’ bracket, there is a variance.

Cremation Service ProviderDirect Cremation Price
Neptune Society (SCI)$1,705
Tulip Cremation$1,195
National Cremation Society$1,195
Cremation Society of LA$998
Solace Cares$995
All California Cremation$995
DFS Memorials $925

Direct Cremation Service $925 Call (323) 798-9055

This price comparison was for equivalent services for direct cremation and included the basic services of a funeral director to:

  • Collect the deceased from the place of death & transport them to the crematory
  • Conduct minimum essential preparation of the deceased for cremation
  • Refrigerated storage, if necessary.
  • Filing of all relevant state permits, medical documents, and the death certificate
  • Provide an alternative basic cremation container
  • Provide a basic plastic urn or suitable receptacle for cremated remains
  • Make available the cremated remains for collection

     – Includes the crematory fee

Note: the death certificate and cremation permit fee are an additional cost to this quoted price.

The death certificate costs $21.00, and the cremation permit fee differs depending on your county.  In Los Angeles County, the permit fee is $12.00.

Some low-cost providers may advertise a cheaper price for direct cremation, but it may not be a fully inclusive package.

Are there any extra ‘hidden’ charges?

You can add incremental services to this basic direct cremation package that will be charged as extra.  These can be such things as – a private viewing before the cremation, attending the cremation, an upgraded cremation container or casket, and an upgraded cremation urn.  

Most cremation providers can offer these as extras to your basic package, depending upon your individual needs.

You should also be aware that there can be extra charges if:

  • the deceased had any medical implants that require removal, such as a pace-maker
  • Or if the deceased weighed over 250 lbs.

In the event that the coroner has collected the body, your funeral director needs to collect the deceased from the coroner.  The coroner charges a release fee.  These fees vary by county:

  • Los Angeles County $374
  • Orange County  $318
  • Riverside County  $320
  • San Bernardino County $250
  • San Diego $280
  • Ventura County  CALL 

Before the cremation can be performed, the next-of-kin, or “authorizing agent,” must complete and sign the Declaration for Disposition of Cremated Remains form.  Your cremation provider should help you with this and with any assistance you may require with an application for financial aid.

If you have a relative who passed in Los Angeles and you are making arrangements from elsewhere in California or out of state, everything can be conducted by phone or email to complete the required documentation and schedule the cremation.

The cremated remains can then be collected at a later date or mailed to the next of kin by Priority USPS mail. This service to ship cremated remains is charged as an additional fee and usually costs between $65 – $80.

If you have any further questions about arranging a cremation, please call (323) 798-9055 to speak with the funeral director.

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