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Arranging a Funeral or Cremation in Brooklyn

Death is still a little-discussed subject in our culture today.  Yet it is a fact of life and something many people suddenly find themselves having to face, without ever having openly considered what the death-care process is.  Funeral providers in Brooklyn offer both immediate need and pre-planning funeral services.  If you have been recently bereaved and are faced with arranging a funeral, then US Funerals Online can help you locate the services you require.  If you are planning ahead for a cremation or burial, this guide should assist you with deciding how to select a Brooklyn funeral services provider, how much to expect to pay for a funeral and help you understand what your legal rights are as a funeral consumer.

What to do when a death occurs in Brooklyn

It can be very daunting knowing what to do first when a death occurs.  When a death occurs in Brooklyn, the determination of death must be made by the attending physician or the coroner.  If the deceased had a prepaid funeral plan or had expressed wishes, these can be implemented immediately and you will need to locate the paperwork and contact the appropriate funeral home or cremation provider.

If the death is sudden and/or the deceased had no funeral plan or life insurance, you may need to make some rather quick decisions about how to proceed.

How much does a funeral cost in Brooklyn?

Funeral homes are required to provide current retail price information by telephone. According to the law, any consumer entering a funeral home and making inquiries must be presented with a general price list (GPL).  This must itemize the costs of funeral services and the merchandise for sale from a funeral director.

We often get asked ‘what is the cost of a funeral in Brooklyn?’ and this is unfortunately not a straightforward question to answer.  Unlike many other trades and professions, average service charges can vary significantly.  The average cost of a funeral with burial, according to the National Funeral Directors Association is $7,640 (2019), but this does not take into account any cemetery fees.  This is what can significantly add to the cost of a funeral as cemetery plot prices in Brooklyn can be quite expensive as a single burial plot in Green-Wood Cemetery costs between $12,000 to $14,000. 

Cremation services in Brooklyn

Cremation services are becoming a popular funeral choice in Brooklyn, as a dignified cremation funeral can be arranged for around $2,500 to $4,000.  As there is no need for a burial plot, a grave liner or a casket, this significantly decreases the overall funeral costs.  A cremation funeral can proceed very much the same as a traditional burial, only the deceased is transported to the crematory following a service.  It is even possible to conduct a service at the crematory if you so choose.

Funeral Homes in Brooklyn

In recent years there has been a greater demand for alternative and indeed more affordable funerals.  The average cost for a funeral with cremation is $6,260. (NFDA 2019).  The cost of a simple cremation (with no ceremony) can be under $1,000, so a meaningful and affordable funeral can be achieved for a fraction of the cost of an elaborate traditional funeral service.  Indeed, a simple cremation can be conducted for just $495 with DFS Memorials. For immediate assistance, call (718) 395-3211.

Direct cremation $495 Call (718) 395-3211

In order for a cremation to be performed, the legal next of kin must sign a cremation authorization form and a cremation permit must be issued.  A cremation cannot proceed until these documents have been duly completed, signed and notarized.

Brooklyn cremation services with a memorial

A cremation memorial service is generally where the deceased is cremated first and then a service is held.  This can be with, or without, the cremated remains present, or can take the form of an ash scattering ceremony.

Today we are embracing more novel and alternative memorialization ceremonies.  Life celebrations that can even be held in locations other than places of worship.  Celebrants are leading and officiating at memorial services as well as traditional clergy and ministers.

Brooklyn direct cremation service providers – cremation costs & packages

A direct cremation simply means that an immediate cremation is conducted with no service, and minimal services and intervention by a funeral home.  The deceased is generally collected from the place of death and transferred to the funeral home or crematory.  After all the required paperwork and preparation are done, the deceased is cremated (most often in a simple cardboard container) and the cremated remains are then returned to the family. Direct cremation in Brooklyn costs $495. Contact your nearest DFS Memorials provider to arrange a low-cost cremation.

Pre-Planning a Funeral in Brooklyn

Cremation Plan

Planning ahead can save your surviving family a lot of stress and the emotional and financial burdens of handling the funeral process and costs.  All monies that you put into a funeral plan in NY must go into a trust fund. 

Monies paid to a funeral firm for a preneed contract must be deposited into a suitable trust within 10 days of being received.  There are various options as to how you can make payment when preplanning a funeral from single pay plans to automatic monthly bank withdrawals. 

Most funeral service providers will tailor a plan designed to meet your budget constraints.

Brooklyn Funeral laws governing home death care, embalming & casket sales

New York is one of only 8 states that does require that families employ the services of a licensed funeral professional to conduct death care services.  Therefore, you are required to use the services of a funeral director even if you plan to conduct a home funeral.

Embalming is the use of chemicals, internally and externally, to disinfect and temporarily preserve the body. There is no NY law that requires embalming. But most carriers will require a body to be embalmed prior to shipping. The laws of the destination country or state will apply. Because of the rapid deterioration of a body after death, NY law requires that bodies held for over 24 hours or in transit must be embalmed, refrigerated, or encased in a leak and odor proof container.

Caskets are not required by law in Brooklyn, however, there may be cemetery or mausoleum restrictions regarding caskets and outer burial containers or vaults. The law does not require a casket for cremation but some type of container such as a cardboard box or canvas pouch is usually required by the crematory.

Donating your body to science in Brooklyn – or ‘no cost’ cremation

You may choose to make an anatomical donation to a medical or research institution in Brooklyn.  Most major medical colleges do accept body donation.  You will also find that there are companies in the U.S. who manage whole body donation programs and offer ‘no cost’ cremations. 

Filing for the death certificate in Brooklyn

The funeral director generally files for the death certificate on your behalf.  It has to be filed with 72-hours after the death has occurred.  The funeral director will need you to fill in a form with personal questions about the deceased in order that he can file for the death certificate.  Certain statistical data is required to effectively complete the form.  Death certificates cost $15.00 per copy in Brooklyn, although veterans receive 3 free copies.

What to do if the deceased is at the Medical Examiners

Although most deaths occur at a hospital or nursing institution, if the death was at a residential address, or as the result of an accident, the deceased will be taken into the care of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.  You may be asked to visit the OCME’s Family Service Center to identify the deceased.  The Brooklyn OCME Family Service Center is located at Kings County Hospital Center Campus, 599 Winthrop Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11203.

You will need to employ the services of a funeral director to arrange collection of your loved from the ME’s office.  The funeral director will obtain the death certificates and required cremation or burial permits.

Funeral laws & regulations NY

Brooklyn funeral home reviews and or complaints

Our online review-based consumer culture has reached the funeral business, and now you can review and compare funeral homes in Brooklyn online.  Directory sites often include local business reviews and this can help you to learn about a funeral or cremation provider.  As with reviewing any service or product, some common sense and integrity must be employed.

If you have a complaint against a funeral director or a funeral establishment you should attempt to resolve your complaint directly with the funeral home concerned.  If you do not manage to reach a satisfactory resolution, then you can contact the NY Bureau of Funeral Directing.  A formal complaint against a funeral establishment must be put in writing to them, and include copies of all documentation from the funeral home.

New York State Department of Health

Bureau of Funeral Directing

875 Central Avenue

Albany, NY 12206

I hope this guide to arranging funeral or cremation services in the borough of Brooklyn has answered some of your initial questions.  Please use our funeral resource library to access further articles to assist you with arranging a funeral.

Cemeteries in Brooklyn

Beth Olom Cemetery, 2 Cypress Hills Street, Brooklyn NY 11209 Phone: (718) 277-6255 [Jewish]

Canarsie Cemetery, 1370 Remsen Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11236  Phone: (718) 251-6934

Cypress Hills Cemetery, 833 Jamaica Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11208  Phone: (718) 277-2900

Evergreens Cemetery, 1629 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11207  Phone: (718) 455-5300

Gravesend Cemetery, Ave V & Van Sicklen Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Green-Wood Cemetery, 500 – 25th Street, Brooklyn NY 11232  Phone: (718) 768-7300

Holy Cross Cemetery, 3620 Tilden Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11203  Phone: (718) 284-4520 [Catholic]

Maimonides Cemetery, 895 Jamaica Avenue, Brooklyn NY  Phone: (516) 775-6222 [Jewish]

Most Holy Trinity Cemetery, 675 Central Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11207  Phone: (718) 894-4888 [Catholic]

Mount Hope Cemetery, 927 Jamaica Avenue, Brooklyn NY  Phone: (516) 775-6222 [Jewish]

Salem Fields Cemetery, 775 Jamaica Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11208  Phone: (718) 277-3898 [Jewish]

Washington Cemetery, 5400 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn NY 11230  Phone: (718) 377-8690 [Jewish]

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