Directory of Aquamation Providers in the U.S.

Water Cremation is legal in 28 States in the United States (at the time of publishing this article). More states are introducing approval legislation as more sustainable alternatives to our current death and disposition options are sought by funeral consumers.

If you are here because you are seeking information about water cremation, you can use our Directory of Aquamation Providers below to check local providers in your State. 

You can also visit our Guide to Aquamation, AKA Water Cremation, to learn about the process in more detail.

StateCityFuneral HomeAddressZipPhoneAquamation PriceContact
ALOxfordMiller Funeral Home, Crematory, and Aquamation Center50 Hamric Drive east36203(256) 831-4611$1,795
CAEscondidoWhite Rose Aqua Cremation820 West washington Avenue92025(442) 777-6077$3,895 David Perfito
CACommercePisces5800 S eastern Avenue, Suite 50090040(310) 861-4505$3,850 Christopher Taktak
CODenverBe a Tree Cremation2970 W Severn Place80204(720) 782-2782$2,250 Emily Nelson
COFort CollinsGoes Funeral Home3665 Canal drive, Suite E80524(970) 482-2221$3,180 Chris Goes
COLafayetteThe Natural Funeral102 W. Chester Street80026(720) 515-2344$2,200 Seth Viddal
CTManchesterConnecticut Aquamation (By John F. Tierney Fhuneral Home)219 West Center Street06040(860) 643-1222$2,995 Tom Tierney
CTWaterburyCT Life Tributes - Waterbury FHAmanda King
FLWest Palm BeachGentle Water Cremation1112 48th Street, Unit 233407(561) 899-0008$2,980 Steve Pomerantz
GATallapoosaMiller Funeral Home$1,795
IDCoeur d'AleneEnglish Funeral Chapel, Crematory & Aquamation Center1133 N. 4th Street83814(208) 664-3148$2,895 Eric & Wendy English
ILChicagoAquaGreen Dispositions(708) 606-0211$1,795 Ryan Cattoni
ILChicagoCaring Cremations223 W. Jackson Blvd, Suite 20060606(773) 866-2273$1,397
MACambridgeKeefe Funeral Home2175 Massachusetts Avenue02140(617) 547-5544Tim & Chad Keefe
MAArlingtonKeefe Funeral Home5 Chestnut Street02474(781) 648-0597
MOSt. LouisHughes Funeral Alternatives5411 South Grand Blvd63111(314) 250-8433$1,450 Jonathan Hughes
MNMinneapolis - St. PaulBradshaw Funeral Homes 'Green Cremation'2800 Curve Crest Blvd(651) 489-342-4040$2,695 Jason Bradshaw
MNMinneapolis Ballard-Sunder Funeral Homes104 1st St W., Jordon55352(952) 492-2818Lindsay & Mark Ballard
NCShelbyClay-Barnette Funerals, Cremations & Aquamation Center$1,995
NCWilmingtonTranquility Cremation by Aquamation2209 Delaney Avenue28403(910) 769-1615$1,995 Eric Bester
NCHillsboroughEndswell Water Cremation407 Meadowlands Drive27278(919) 907-9777$2,500 Hunter Beattie
NVLas VegasKraft-Sussman Funeral & Cremation Services3975 S. Durango Drive, Suite 10489147(702) 485-6500$2,695 Laura Sussman
NVLas VegasGreen Farewells3065 N Rancho Drive, suite 17689130(702) 483-1127$1,075 Lennette Smith
OHEdwards Funeral Service$1,995
OKShawneeMcElyea & Owens Funeral Group5106 North Harrison Street74804(405) 695-5006Robert Owens
ORRoseburgPearsons Funeral Home2305 NE Diamond Lake Blvd97470(541) 672-4435Morris Pearson
ORKlamath FallsCascade Cremation & Burial1229 East Main Street97601(541) 887-2919$1,295 Alice Sandusky
TXGreen Texas CremationEric Neuhaus
TXConverseEternal Waters Aquamation
WASeattleElemental Cremation & Burial$1,395
WAEdmondsBarton Family Funeral Service8226 212th Street SW98026(425) 823-1900$1,495 Steven Barton
WASpokaneHeritage Funeral & Cremation508 N. Government Way99224(509) 838-8900$2,600 Jen Melberg
WABellevueFuneral and Cremation Care / Simple Cremation112th Ave SE98004(800) 764-0895$1,495 Michael Galaviz
WATacomaWeeks' Dryer Mortuary220 134th St S98444(253) 537-0253$2,995 Russ Weeks
WASequinSequim Valley Funeral Chapel108 W Alder Street98382(360) 683-5242Erick Scheiderman
WAFerndaleWildflower Funeral Concepts5706 4th Avenue98248(360) 927-0310$2,900 Brian Flowers

Aquamation Explained

Aquamation, also known as alkaline hydrolysis or water cremation, is an alternative method of disposing of human remains. It involves placing the body in a specially designed chamber filled with a solution of water and an alkaline compound, such as potassium hydroxide.

The body is rapidly broken down into its basic components through a combination of heat, pressure, and chemical reactions. This process is environmentally friendly, as it uses less energy and produces fewer emissions than traditional cremation or burial methods.

The resulting liquid, known as “aquamation fluid,” is sterile and can be safely returned to the environment. The remaining bone fragments are reduced to a fine powder, similar to cremated ashes, and can be returned to the family.

Here are some key environmental and sustainable benefits of water cremation:

1. Reduced Carbon Footprint:   Aquamation uses significantly less energy than cremation, requiring high temperatures to incinerate the body. As a result, aquamation produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions, helping to reduce the carbon footprint associated with the disposition process.

2. Water Conservation:   While aquamation requires water for the process, the amount used is relatively small compared to the water required for traditional burial methods, such as embalming and maintaining burial grounds. Aquamation also avoids the potential contamination of groundwater from embalming chemicals used in traditional burial.

3. Chemical-Free Process:   Aquamation relies on a combination of water and an alkaline compound without the need for harmful chemicals like formaldehyde used in embalming. This makes aquamation a more environmentally friendly option, as it avoids releasing toxic substances into the environment.

4. Nutrient Recycling: The sterile and pathogen-free resulting aquamation fluid can be safely returned to the environment. This nutrient-rich liquid can be used for various purposes, such as fertilizing plants or restoring natural ecosystems, promoting sustainability and circularity.

5. Preservation of Land:  Traditional burial methods require significant land space for cemeteries, which can lead to deforestation and loss of natural habitats. Aquamation eliminates the need for large burial plots, helping to preserve land and protect biodiversity.

Overall, aquamation offers a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional cremation or burial methods, making it an increasingly popular choice for those seeking environmentally conscious body disposition options.

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Sara is the Editor in Chief for US Funerals Online and has been researching and writing about the death care industry in the US for the last 15 years.