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.Which Funeral Home to use in Orlando, Florida

Choosing to have a Burial or Cremation in Orlando

This is first question that needs to be addressed as the cost factors are quite different between burials and cremations in Orlando.  Most cemeteries in Orlando will require that a casket is buried in a grave liner in order to prevent the ground from subsiding.  These 2 items (casket + grave liner) plus the cost of the cemetery plot can run at several thousand dollars, and that is before the funeral home and funeral director have added their charges to the overall funeral bill.

Cremation eliminates the need for many of the products associated with a traditional funeral burial.  No casket is required, and there is no need to purchase a cemetery plot to house the casket in.  Some families choose to buy a more expensive urn and keep the ashes at home, and some will choose to have an ash scattering on either land or sea. 

Selecting a Funeral Home in Orlando

There are 19 funeral homes in Orlando, so how do you choose the right one?  One of the first things to be aware of is that funeral homes in Orlando are not all the same, and costs can be very different between providers, even for the same type of funeral services.  Below we have listed all the funeral homes in Orlando.

Carey Hand Garden Chapel - 600 Wilkinson Street, Orlando, Florida 32803 - Phone: (407) 898-7881
Baldwin-Fairchild Funeral Home- 301 N.E. Ivanhoe Boulevard, Orlando, Florida 32804 - Phone: (407) 898-8111
Batts Funeral Home - 36 Halbe Avenue, Orlando, Florida  32805 - Phone: (407) 841-2351
Gail & Wynn's Mortuary Inc - 1300 Bruton Boulevard, Orlando, Florida 32805 - Phone: (407) 522-4700
A Community Funeral Home & Sunset Cremations - 910 W. Michigan Street, Orlando, Florida 32805 - Phone: (407) 841-4424
Dove Funeral Chapel & Crematory - 4310 Curry Ford Road, Orlando, Florida 32806 - Phone: (407) 897-0892
All Faiths Funeral Alternatives & Cremation Service - 4901 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32806 - Phone: (407) 898-1698
Brewer & Sons Funeral Homes & Cremation Services - 115 West Gore Street, Orlando, Florida 32806 - Phone: (407) 423-4991
Colonial Chapel / Carey Hand - 2811 Curry Ford Road, Orlando, Florida 32806 - Phone: (407) 898-2561
Baldwin-Fairchild Funeral Home - 1413 South Semoran Boulevard, Orlando, Florida 32807 - Phone: (407) 277-6700
Mitchell's Funeral Home - 501 Fairvilla Road, Orlando, Florida 32808 - Phone: (407) 298-0703
Baldwin-Fairchild Funeral Home - 5800 Hansel Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32809 - Phone: (407) 855-5800
A Community Funeral Home - 6355 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32809 - Phone: (407) 855-0101
Beth Shalom Memorial Chapel - 640 Lee Road, Orlando, Florida 32810 - Phone: (407) 599-1180
Dobbs Funeral Home - 430 North Kirkman Road, Orlando, Florida 32811 - Phone: (407) 578-7720
Brinsons Funeral Home Of Orlando - 431 S Kirkman Road, Orlando, Florida 32811 - Phone: (407) 425-7561
Union Park Memorial Chapel Funeral Home - 10033 East Colonial Drive, Orlando, Florida 32817 - Phone: (407) 277-9366
Postell's Mortuary - 811 North Powers Drive, Orlando, Florida  32818 - Phone: (407) 295-3857
Newcomer Family Funeral Home - 895 South Goldenrod Road, Orlando, Florida 32822 - Phone: (407) 277-4227

Orlando Cremation Providers

Almost all funeral homes in Orlando can offer cremations, however, there are cremation-only companies operating in the area.  It is important to understand that in the state of Florida, there is what are known as “Direct Disposers” who are NOT licensed funeral directors.  These companies are only permitted to offer Direct Cremations (without a service), so if you require a viewing or a service prior to the cremation in Orlando, you need to make sure you are dealing with a licensed funeral director. 

Direct Cremations in Orlando

A direct cremation in Orlando should be the least expensive option, however, be warned that a Direct Cremation in Orlando can cost anywhere from $750 to $3000, depending on the funeral home/cremation provider selected.  Many families today are choosing to have a direct cremation and then arranging their own memorial or celebration of life with the ashes present.  This is both practical in the sense that family members do not need to attend funerals at very short notice, and are also not paying the funeral home for using their premises to hold the services/viewings.  Families can then arrange their own memorial service at a time that suits them, not the funeral company.  Many people today feel that funerals have become so expensive that they are looking for alternatives, and this is why direct cremations are growing in popularity.

How much does a funeral or cremation in Orlando cost?

It is not uncommon to find prices for funeral and cremations varying by hundreds or even thousands of dollars between different funeral homes in Orlando.  However, it is very important to be comparing like-for-like funeral services.  Some funeral companies give out prices that do not include the crematory charge 

Florida Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association 325 John Knox Rd  Tallahassee, Florida 32303  Phone: (800) 226-3332

Independent Funeral Directors of Florida PO Box 10969, Tallahassee, Florida 32302-2969 Phone:  (850) 222-0198

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