Neptune Society Have 4 Price Increases in 30 Days

At US Funerals Online, we look at many funeral related web sites on a daily basis. We have been watching the Service Corporation International brand “Neptune Society” with great interest, for just over a month. If you visit the Neptune Society web site, you will see at the top of the page, next to their logo, the following statement,

“Act Now! Prices Increase October 17th”, as shown below.

For anyone visiting the Neptune Society web site, the message seems pretty clear. If you are considering purchasing a prepaid cremation plan from the Neptune Society, then you might want to do it before October 17th 2012, because they are increasing the prices then. So why are we writing about this? All companies have price rises sometimes, and informing potential customers of the impending rises makes good business sense. As the statement says “Act Now”, or else, well it’s going to cost you more. That great “fear” selling tactic often used so well by many corporate businesses.

Since we have been watching the Neptune Society web site, it appears that they also had a price rise on October 4th 2012, as shown below.

So the Neptune Society are having 2 price increases in October, but wait. They also stated that their prices were increasing on October 2nd 2012, as shown below. 2 price rises in just 2 days, WOW.

What is going on at the Neptune Society “America’s Most Trusted Cremation Service”? Three price increases in October 2012. Can that really be right? Well according to their web site, they also had a price increase on September 18th 2012, shown below.

Is it unusual for a company to implement 4 price increases in just a month? We only began looking at their site in September 2012, so have no way of telling if there were previous price rises before September 18th. We will be keeping an eye on the Neptune Society web site around October 18th 2012, to see if they are planning any further rises in cremation costs.

It will remain to be seen how a corporate owned cremation brand that pushes the “affordable option” can remain competitive when increasing their prices as often as they seem to be doing.

UPDATE: Since publishing this short piece about the Neptune Society in October 2012, they have now removed any mention of further Price Increases.

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Sara is the Editor in Chief for US Funerals Online and has been researching and writing about the death care industry in the US for the last 15 years.