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Local funeral homes offering direct cremations in Virginia

At US Funerals Online, we believe that every family should be able to arrange a simple and affordable funeral or cremation in Virginia, if that is their choice.  Funerals are expensive at funeral homes in Virginia.  This is why US Funerals Online works exclusively in Virginia with the DFS Memorials network of local, family owned funeral homes and cremation providers.  They can help you find a low cost funeral or a direct cremation in Virginia.  If you just need to find the address or phone number of a funeral home in Virginia, they are all listed below to assist you when arranging a funeral service.

Advice on planning funerals and cremations in Virginia

  • Remember, how much you care is not measured by how much you spend, when arranging a funeral or cremation in Virginia. 
  • Always compare prices.  The cost for funerals and cremations in Virginia can be very different between funeral homes.
  • If you would like a simple, low cost alternative to the more expensive traditional funerals offered by funeral homes in Virginia, choosing a direct cremation will be the cheapest option and can be arranged by most funeral homes in Virginia.
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Funeral Homes in Abingdon

Farris Funeral Service
 427East Main Street
Virginia 24210
Phone: (540) 623-2700
Campbell Funeral Home Inc
 250 East Main Street 
Virginia 24210
Phone: (540) 628-2131

Funeral Homes in Accomac 

Cooper & Humbles Funeral Co Inc
24497 M N Smith Road
Virginia 23301
Phone: (757) 787-2504
Lilliston Funeral Chapel
23564 Front Street
Virginia 23301
Phone: (757) 787-3121
Wharton Funeral Home
22171 Wharton Road
Virginia 23301
Phone: (757) 787-1024

Funeral Homes in Altavista 

Cook & Minnis Funeral Home
608 Main St
Virginia 24517
Phone: (434) 369-4412
Finch & Finch Inc
809 Main St
Virginia 24517
Phone: (434) 369-5621

Funeral Homes in Amelia Court House 

Michael W Hawkes Funeral Home
15001 Patrick Henry Highway
Amelia Court House
Virginia 23002
Phone: (804) 561-5500
Hillsman-Hix Funeral Home
16409 Court Street
Amelia Court House
Virginia 23002
Phone: (804) 561-2521
Scott Funeral Home
12020 Bevils Bridge Road
Amelia Court House
Virginia 23002
Phone: (804) 561-2022

Funeral Homes in Amherst 

Driskill Funeral Chapel Inc
201 Grandview Drive
Virginia 24521
Phone: (434) 946-5529

Funeral Homes in Appalachia 

Roy A Green Funeral Home Inc
317 Kilbourne Avenue
Virginia 24216
Phone: (276) 565-1250

Funeral Homes in Appomattox 

Bruce & Stiff Funeral Home
Hwy 24 E
Virginia 24522
Phone: (434) 352-2368
Robinson Funeral Home
601 Court St
Virginia 24522
Phone: (434) 352-7111

Funeral Homes in Ark 

Howard Funeral Home
8710 George Washington Memorial Hwy
Virginia 23003
Phone: (804) 693-3200

Funeral Homes in Ashland 

F E Dabney Funeral Home
374 Henry St
Virginia 23005
Phone: (804) 798-8001
Henry W Dabney Funeral Home
518 N Washington Hwy
Virginia 23005
Phone: (804) 798-8207
Reid Funeral Home
412 S Washington Hwy
Virginia 23005
Phone: (804) 798-8369

Funeral Homes in Austinville 

Reese Funeral Home
Rte 619
Virginia 24312
Phone: (276) 699-6171

Funeral Homes in Aylett 

B W White Funeral Home
7837 Richmond Tappahannock Hwy
Virginia 23009
Phone: (804) 769-3130

Funeral Homes in Bassett 

Bassett Funeral Service
3665 Fairystone Park Hwy
Virginia 24055
Phone: (276) 629-1770
Collins Funeral Services Inc
30 Riverside Highway
Virginia 24055
Phone: (276) 629-2515

Funeral Homes in Bedford 

Bedford Funeral Home
1039 Rock Castle Rd
Virginia 24523
Phone: (540) 586-9167
Carder-Tharp Funeral Home & Crematory
320 N Bridge St
Virginia 24523
Phone: (540) 586-3443
Updike Funeral Home Inc
Rte 460 W
Virginia 24523
Phone: (540) 586-3304

Funeral Homes in Berryville 

Enders & Shirley Funeral Homes & Crematory
1062 West Main Street
Virginia 22611
Phone: (540) 955-1062

Funeral Homes in Big Stone Gap 

Gilliam Funeral Home
618 Wood Ave
Big Stone Gap
Virginia 24219
Phone: (276) 523-7000
Holding Funeral Home Inc
17 E 3rd St
Big Stone Gap
Virginia 24219
Phone: (276) 523-1470

Funeral Homes in Blacksburg 

McCoy Funeral Home
150 Country Club Dr Sw
Virginia 24060
Phone: (540) 552-3211

Funeral Homes in Blackstone 

Joseph B. McMillian Funeral Home
1826 Cox Road, Business Hwy. 460
P.O. Box 130
Blackstone, Virginia 23824
Phone: (434)292-4343
W E Hawkes & Son Funeral Home Inc
504 S East St
Virginia 23824
Phone: (434) 292-5559
Scott Funeral Home
520 N Main St
Virginia 23824
Phone: (434) 292-3937
Hamner-McMillian Funeral Home
1400 S Main St
Virginia 23824
Phone: (434) 292-3240

Funeral Homes in Blackwater 

Robinette Funeral Home
Rr 1 Box 6
Virginia 24221
Phone: (276) 346-2636

Funeral Homes in Bland 

Bland Funeral Chapel
North Main Street
Virginia 24315
Phone: (276) 688-3314

Funeral Homes in Bluefield 

Dudley Memorial Mortuary
729 Virginia Ave
Virginia 24605
Phone: (276) 326-1141
Rodriguez Funeral Home
210 S College Ave
Virginia 24605
Phone: (276) 326-1105

Funeral Homes in Bowling Green 

C W Edwards Funeral Home
16476 Richmond Turnpik
Bowling Green
Virginia 22427
Phone: (804) 633-5506
Storke Funeral Home
111 S Main St
Bowling Green
Virginia 22427
Phone: (804) 633-5661

Funeral Homes in Boykins 

Purviance Funeral Home Inc
32247 South Main Street
Virginia 23827
Phone: (757) 654-6555

Funeral Homes in Bremo Bluff 

Colbert Funeral Home
Rte 656
Bremo Bluff
Virginia 23022
Phone: (434) 842-3366

Funeral Homes in Bridgewater 

Johnson Funeral Service Inc
208 South Main Street
Virginia 22812
Phone: (540) 828-2542

Funeral Homes in Bristol 

Blevins Funeral Home
417 Lee Street
Virginia 24201
Phone: (276) 669-6141
Robinson Mortuary
333 Spencer Street
Virginia 24201
Phone: (276) 669-4831
Castle Funeral Home
14298 Lee Hwy
Virginia 24209
Phone: (276) 466-8010

Funeral Homes in Broadway 

Grandle Funeral Home
148 Lee St
Virginia 22815
Phone: (540) 896-3231

Funeral Homes in Brookneal 

Henderson Funeral Home Inc
221 Old Main St
Virginia 24528
Phone: (434) 376-2239
Jeffress Funeral Home
405 Rush St
Virginia 24528
Phone: (434) 376-2070
Woodall-Wright F H & Cremation Cntr Inc
304 Lusardi Dr
Virginia 24528
Phone: (434) 376-5282

Funeral Homes in Buchanan 

Botetourt Funeral Home Inc
14920 Lee Hwy
Virginia 24066
Phone: (540) 254-3000

Funeral Homes in Buena Vista 

Bolling, Grose & Lotts Funeral Service
Us Rte 60 W
Buena Vista
Virginia 24416
Phone: (540) 261-5510
Lomax Funeral Home
2200 E Midland Trl
Buena Vista
Virginia 24416
Phone: (540) 261-6585

The Virginia Funeral Directors Association (VFDA) has been based in Richmond, Virginia since its formation in September, 1887.  The current president of the Virginia Funeral Directors Association is Mr. Larry W. Hemenway Jr. a funeral director from H.D. Oliver Funeral Apartments in Norfolk, Virginia. The The Virginia Funeral Directors Association is incorporated with a subsidiary corporation known as Azalea Financial Services. The Virginia Funeral Directors Association is also affiliated with the National Funeral Directors Association, the largest association the country.

According the NFDA statistics there were 58,264 deaths in 2003 in the state of Virginia with 13,652 of these being funeral cremations as opposed to burials.  This represents over 23% choosing cremation as there preferred choice.  This figure is projected to rise up to over 42% by 2010 in Virginia according to the National Funeral Directors Association.

The state of Virginia is 1 of only 6 states that still require caskets to be sold only by licensed funeral homes.  This means that consumers must pay the full price that funeral charge for the caskets and that these consumers cannot buy from 3rd party casket sellers, who in many other states can offer you the exact same casket for much less money.  These saving can often be more 50% cheaper than your local funeral home in Virginia.

Virginia Funeral Directors Association
5803 Staples Road, Richmond
Virginia 23228
Phone: 804-264-0505

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