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How to save money arranging a cremation in San Francisco

Cremation is by far the popular choice for many now on the West coast, and the cremation rate in the Bay area is around 60%. In fact, in Marin County, it is nearer to 90%.  This means that there are many funeral and cremation companies offering cremation.  This benefits you as a consumer as this makes the market competitive and presents the opportunity to purchase a cremation in the San Francisco Bay area inexpensively.  You can arrange a direct cremation in the Bay area for $1,195.00. 

Direct Cremation Service $1,195 Call (415) 286-9121

Choosing an affordable cremation provider

As cremation is so popular in the Bay area, most funeral homes offer cremations, but there are also a number of cremation-only companies and direct disposal establishments.  You should shop around and compare prices before making any decisions about which company to use.  Try to check equivalent cremation prices from at least 2 – 3 companies. 

Be sure to check exactly what is included in the cremation price you are quoted.  Sometimes what may seem a cheaper price can have hidden added extras.  Not every cremation company or funeral home that claims to offer “affordable” cremation will prove to be the best price. 

Support local funeral and cremation businesses, as you will often discover that they are, in fact, cheaper than the corporate cremation businesses such as the Neptune Society run by Service Corporation International (SCI).

What funeral or cremation service options are there in San Francisco?

As you have numerous funeral service locations serving the Greater San Francisco area, you can arrange anything from a full-service traditional funeral to a simple direct cremation service.  Decide if you want a traditional funeral, something more modern like a life celebration service, or if you wish to consider cremation as a more affordable option.

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What is the average cost of a funeral service in San Francisco?

According to the N.F.D.A (2021), the average funeral service cost in the U.S. is $7,848.  This is without any cemetery fees.  The online funeral price survey conducted more recently by Funeralocity puts the average cost of a traditional full-service burial in San Francisco at $7,821. (Not including cemetery costs), making it very close to the national average.

How much does a cremation cost in the San Francisco Metropolitan area?

It is often more difficult to quote cremation prices as it is dependent on the type of cremation service you opt for, albeit a cremation with a traditional service or a direct cremation without a service.  

Cremation is a cheaper alternative to a traditional funeral, but a cremation with a funeral ceremony will still cost around $4,000.

A simple cremation service with no ceremony is referred to as a “direct cremation” in the funeral industry.  A direct cremation can be arranged for $1,195 with the DFS Memorials provider in San Francisco.  This is the most economical funeral service arrangement available to families.

It is necessary to check what is included in a low-cost direct cremation package to ensure there are no hidden fees to what may appear ‘too cheap.’  County fees are generally ‘third-party’ additional charges – such as death certificates and cremation permits.  But, some affordable direct cremation packages may include a death certificate and cremation permit fee.

Extra charges that can be incurred on a budget direct cremation are fees for if a residential collection is required, if the deceased weighs over 300 pounds, and if a pacemaker needs to be removed prior to cremation.

Direct Cremation Service $1,195 Call (415) 286-9121

Arrange a direct cremation & arrange your own memorial service in San Francisco

The benefit of arranging a direct cremation is that the disposition is managed as quickly as possible and with minimum fuss.  This can ease quite a lot of anguish at the time of bereavement.  Once the cremated remains are returned back to the family, a memorial service can be conducted.  You can choose to conduct a memorial service with or without the remains present.  However, arranging your own memorial service is a significant way to save money on your overall funeral costs and make your ritual much more personal.

Life celebrations are a great way to pay tribute to a lost loved one.  You can conduct your own celebration or enlist the services of a practicing celebrant.

Do not spend unnecessarily on cremation products.

If you want to arrange a low-cost cremation, you will need to keep your selection of cremation merchandise to the basic products.  All that is required for the cremation process is an “alternative cremation container.” 

Cremation companies ordinarily supply a strong cardboard container, but the option to purchase a casket is often made available at an additional cost.  Similarly, the cremated remains are returned in a temporary container, but a selection of cremation urns will be available for purchase at an additional cost.

Do not feel under pressure to purchase a cremation urn immediately.  You may even find that you can purchase one from an urn retailer at a discounted price.  Depending on what you plan to do with the ashes, you may not even require an urn at all.

Who is responsible for paying for a funeral?

If the deceased did not pre-arrange and pre-pay for a funeral plan, then the responsibility for paying for a funeral falls to the immediate next of kin.  This can, understandably, be quite a burden for many people, and this is why more seniors today are considering setting up simple cremation arrangements. 

Cremation Plan

Pre-planning can be a simple and affordable option, giving families peace of mind for when the time comes.  Be aware that whoever signs the funeral contract with the funeral home is legally responsible for paying the funeral bill.

If you are interested in pre-arranging a simple cremation plan, contact your local DFS Memorials location at (415) 286-9121.

I want to pre-plan a simple cremation.  What is the best way to set up a cremation plan in San Francisco?

You can make pre-arrangements with a funeral home and/or crematory.  The terms and payment plans may differ depending on your requirements and age. And whether you make payment in full at the time of purchasing your pre-need plan or opt to arrange a payment plan.

More and more cremation providers are offering online arrangement services, so all this can be done from the comfort of your own home.  Pre-planning can provide you with funeral service coverage that will give you and your family peace of mind, reducing the stress associated with making last-minute funeral arrangements after a loved one has passed.

If you travel (as 80% of adults do these days), you may wish to consider purchasing a Travel Protection Plan.  This affordable assurance policy provides you with lifetime cover for funeral costs should you happen to pass away 75 miles or more away from your home in San Francisco. 

The plan costs just $450 for an individual or $875 for a couple and will cover all costs for a cremation at the place of death or returning the deceased home to California.  The cover is worldwide.  Read more about this affordable peace of mind death expense coverage here: Travel Protection Plan.

How do I obtain copies of a death certificate?

As mentioned above, the funeral director will generally file for the death certificate for you and will ask how many copies you require.  The fee for a death certificate in California is $21.00 per copy.

You can request additional copies from Vital Records at a later date if you are a relative of the deceased or have a financial concern in their estate.

What about no-cost cremation?

A “no-cost” cremation generally refers to a whole body donation program where the deceased’s remains are cremated free of charge after the donation. The Anatomical Donation Program University of California can help you learn more about what is involved in the process of whole-body donation.

I have questions or concerns about arranging a funeral in San Francisco.  Where can I find help?

You can contact our DFS Memorials affordable funeral service provider in San Francisco with any questions you have.  If you should have reason to be dissatisfied with the services of a licensed funeral home, you can make a formal complaint to the California Department of Consumer Affairs Cemetery and Funeral Bureau. 1625 North Market Blvd, Suite S208, Sacramento, CA 95834 Phone: (916) 574-7870

Feel free to contact us at US Funerals Online, and we will try and help you if you have further questions about arranging a funeral or cremation service.

Affordable cremations are available in the following counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Joaquin, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz & Stanislaus counties.

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