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How to arrange a funeral or cremation service in Arkansas

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Arranging a funeral or cremation service is no easy task, especially with no prior experience.  Fortunately the Internet has made it easier than ever before to make funeral arrangements.  If you have arrived at this article in search of guidance and resources to help you plan a funeral in the state of Arkansas, then the information contained below should assist you with some of the key decisions you need to make.

Selecting a funeral home in Arkansas

One of the first decisions to be made when a death occurs is choosing a funeral services provider.  Traditionally many families just went with their nearest funeral home, or opted for a local funeral home that was recommended.  Today this is changing as families have become more discerning funeral consumers and may have different funeral needs.

If you have not yet selected a funeral home in Arkansas, you can use our funeral directory to locate a funeral services provider.

Do you require a burial or cremation?

Arkansas Funeral and Cremation Planning
This decision is the next crucial decision to be made. Although a funeral home can collect the deceased from the place of death without the family having decided on burial or cremation, this single choice may affect which funeral services provider you choose.

Choosing between burial or cremation is a personal choice, but these days it can be governed as much by cost as by the family (or deceased’s) wishes.

A traditional funeral costs significantly more than a cremation, so opting for cremation can save a family thousands of dollars in funeral expenses.  Cremation is gaining popularity in Arkansas (as it is across the United States) because families’ funeral decisions are more often governed by how much they can afford today. 

Cremation laws in Arkansas

Cremation is regulated across the United States but each state also has its own state laws.  Before the deceased can be cremated, a legal ‘waiting period’ is required.  This waiting period is 24 hours.  Embalming is NOT required prior to a cremation in Arkansas, and the deceased can be stored for up to 48 hours without any embalming or refrigeration, prior to cremation.

An ‘authorizing agent’ must sign the cremation authorization documentation before a cremation is conducted.  The authorizing agent is generally the next of kin, but the law in Arkansas has now changed and you can authorize your own cremation (when preplanning your funeral arrangements) by signing the necessary forms.  This can save family the issue of making this decision, and can simplify the process when the time comes.

The authorizing agent must specify how the cremated remains should be disposed of, and according to Arkansas statutes, if the authorizing agent has not made arrangements for the disposition of the cremated remains within 60 days, the cremation authority may do so.

Cremation services in Arkansas

A cremation with a service is performed very similar to a traditional funeral, only the body is transferred to the crematory rather than the cemetery, after the service.  Opting for cremation eliminates the need for an expensive casket, embalming, a grave plot and burial vault.  These savings alone can save you thousands of dollars.  If you still wish to have an open casket viewing or service before a cremation, it is possible to rent a casket for this purpose.

Direct Cremations in Arkansas

Finding a low cost cremation provider in Arkansas

With cremation increasingly becoming the ‘preferred’ death-care choice for Americans, let’s look in a little more detail at Direct Cremation.  The rise in families opting for a direct cremation service has risen exponentially in recent years.  Why are more families choosing a direct cremation service?

A Direct Cremation is the industry term for a cremation without a ceremony or service.  The funeral home and/or cremation provider handle everything to take care of the deceased, complete all legal documents and file permits, etc. and then the deceased is cremated and the cremated remains returned directly to the family, or made available for collection.

A Direct Cremation in Arkansas can cost between $695 and $795 using a DFS Memorials provider, depending on whereabouts you reside.  As you can see, this is a significant saving on the full cost of a traditional funeral, or even a cremation memorial.

Families are finding that a direct cremation offers a very affordable funeral alternative.  It also offers flexibility, and an opportunity for the family to choose how to memorialize on their own terms, and at a place and time that suits the family.


What do cremation services cost in Arkansas?

This is an important question that many families turn to the Internet to find out.  After all, we shop for most products and services by comparing prices and seeking out the ‘best’ deal, so why should purchasing a
funeral differ?  The reality is that too many families are feeling the burden of the poor economy over the past few years, and more than ever need to find affordable funeral services in Arkansas.

A basic direct cremation can cost anything between $995 and $3,000, depending upon the funeral services provider you choose and where in Arkansas you live.

How much does a funeral cost in Arkansas?

This is a question that is not easy to answer as it can depend very much on the details of the service you require, what ancillary products and services you choose, whether you purchase a casket from a third party and if you already have a grave plot.  The NFDA survey of 2017 quotes the average cost of a funeral at $8,755 (not including cemetery costs).  It is possible to arrange a dignified burial for less than this if you shop around and keep in control of the ancillary items.  A traditional funeral can be conducted for under $4,000.

Finding a low cost cremation provider in Arkansas

Shopping for a funeral is difficult.  It can be an emotional time, and you may not have the luxury of time to reflect and make decisions.  Too often a family chooses a funeral home before inquiring about funeral prices as they feel it is ‘undignified’ to ask how much a funeral is going to cost.

A funeral can be a large expense, and you would not buy a car without asking the salesman how much it is.  Do not feel uncomfortable asking about costs.  The DFS Memorials network has been set up especially to help families who need a low cost cremation or an affordable funeral.  The network comprises of local funeral homes that disclose price and offer affordable services.  It takes the hassle out of shopping around.

The DFS Memorials network cover the whole of Arkansas for low cost direct cremation. A complete direct cremation start at $695.  Call now for immediate assistance on (501) 203-9717.  This price for a basic cremation is extremely competitive, and offered from a local family-owned funeral home. 

What laws govern purchasing a prepaid funeral plan in Arkansas?

Although the FTC regulates the funeral industry, each state has different legislation that governs the sale of preneed funeral contracts.  In Arkansas any funeral home or agent selling prepaid funeral plans must obtain a permit from the Insurance Commissioner.  The preneed contract is funded using a Trust fund, insurance, or an annuity.  Do make sure you carefully check the details of any prepaid contract, especially the refund on cancellation or transfer of the plan. 

Do bear in mind that you can safely put funds aside in a POD account that can be accessed by your next of kin immediately at the time of death.  It should also be considered that the increasing cremation rate, and other changes in the funeral industry, are potentially driving the average cost of a funeral down.  Another reason why locking in on today’s funeral prices may not potentially be a wise ‘investment’!

Buying urns and caskets in Arkansas

Arkansas Funeral legislation – laws governing home death care, embalming & casket sales

Most families just go ahead and use the services of a funeral home rather than consider handling the death care themselves.  However, it is perfectly legal for you to conduct your own ‘home funeral’ if you so wish.  In Arkansas there is no legal stature dictating that you must employ a funeral director.  If you are interested in home death care and a family-directed funeral, check out our library article on DIY Funerals.  There are also organizations that support families with home funerals in Arkansas.
There is no legal requirement for the deceased to be embalmed.  Some funeral homes in Arkansas may have policies that stipulate they require a body to be embalmed for a public viewing or open casket service.  If you do not wish to have the deceased embalmed, you need to carefully check a funeral home’s requirements before committing to their services.

In compliance with the FTC ‘Funeral Rule’ you can legally purchase a casket from a third party seller in Arkansas, and do not have to purchase a casket from the funeral home.  If you choose to purchase a casket elsewhere, your funeral home MUST accept your casket, and cannot charge you a handling fee.

Donating your whole body to science in Arkansas

Donating your body to science is an ethical alternative, and some also consider it a ‘no cost’ disposition alternative.  The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences operates a body bequeathal program.  Contact the University for more information on 501-686-5180.  Alternatively you can consider a national body donation organization.

Cemeteries in Arkansas

To locate a cemetery in Arkansas you can visit this useful site that lists all cemeteries by county.

Further Information about funerals in Arkansas

Arkansas State Board of Embalmer’s and Funeral Directors licenses funeral homes in Arkansas.  For more information about rules, regulations and Arkansas statures, or if you have a complaint about a funeral home in Arkansas, you can contact the State Board.

If you have a general question about arranging a funeral or cremation in Arkansas that we have failed to address here, then please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

Expert Author: Sara J. Marsden

Sara is the Editor in Chief for US Funerals Online and has been researching and writing about the death care industry in the US for the last 10 years.


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