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In this section of our web site, you will find several categories of funeral-related information.  We have tried to organize this information to make it easy for you to locate what you are looking for. 
Funeral Guides by State – All states have slightly different rules and regulations when it comes to licensing funeral homes, crematories and cemeteries.  We have compiled guides for each state as a quick reference guide to the laws pertaining to arranging a funeral or cremation in that particular state.
ALABAMA - Funeral Planning Guide

ALASKA - Funeral lanning Guide

ARIZONA - Funeral Planning Guide

ARKANSAS - Funeral Planning Guide

CALIFORNIA - Funeral Planning Guide

COLORADO - Funeral Planning Guide

CONNECTICUT - Funeral Planning Guide

DELAWARE - Funeral Planning Guide

FLORIDA - Funeral Planning Guide

GEORGIA - Funeral Planning Guide

HAWAII - Funeral Planning Guide

IDAHO - Funeral Planning Guide

ILLINOIS - Funeral Planning Guide

INDIANA - Funeral Planning Guide

IOWA - Funeral Planning Guide

KANSAS - Funeral Planning Guide

KENTUCKY - Funeral Planning Guide

LOUISIANA - Funeral Planning Guide

MAINE - Funeral Planning Guide

MARYLAND - Funeral Planning Guide

MASSACHUSETTS - Funeral Planning Guide

MICHIGAN - Funeral Planning Guide

MINNESOTA - Funeral Planning Guide

MISSISSIPPI - Funeral Planning Guide

MISSOURI - Funeral Planning Guide

NEBRASKA - Funeral Planning Guide

NEVADA - Funeral Planning Guide

NEW HAMPSHIRE - Funeral Planning Guide

NEW JERSEY - Funeral Planning Guide

NEW MEXICO - Funeral Planning Guide

NEW YORK - Funeral Planning Guide

NORTH CAROLINA - Funeral Planning Guide

OHIO - Funeral Planning Guide

OKLAHOMA - Funeral Planning Guide

OREGON - Funeral Planning Guide

PENNSYLVANIA - Funeral Planning Guide

RHODE ISLAND - Funeral Planning Guide

SOUTH CAROLINA - Funeral Planning Guide

TENNESSEE - Funeral Planning Guide

TEXAS - Funeral Planning Guide

UTAH - Funeral Planning Guide

VERMONT - Funeral Planning Guide

VIRGINIA - Funeral Planning Guide

WASHINGTON DC - Funeral Planning Guide

WASHINGTON - Funeral Planning Guide

WEST VIRGINIA - Funeral Planning Guide

WISCONSIN - Funeral Planning Guide

WYOMING - Funeral Planning Guide

Funeral & Cremation Guides by City – We have gathered information to answer questions and help you make decisions about arranging a funeral or cremation in the cities listed below.
Arranging a Funeral or Cremation in Los Angeles

Arranging a Funeral or Cremation in New York City

Arranging a low cost cremation in Phoenix

Cremation costs: Average cost of cremation in Pittsburgh

Cremation Costs in Atlanta

Cremations in Dallas-Fort Worth: 5 Tips for arranging an affordable cremation

Funerals and Cremations in Brooklyn NY

Cremation Services in Indianapolis: 6 Tips for arranging a low cost cremation

Direct Cremations in LA

How to arrange an affordable cremation in Philadelphia in 3 easy steps

How to save money arranging a cremation in San Francisco

What is the average cost of cremation in Virginia Beach?

Death Care Information – Contains articles about veteran’s funerals, whole body donation and alternative funeral options.
Aquamation or Resomation:  A ‘Green’ Alternative to the traditional Funeral

Body Donation

Cremation or Burial

How Baby Boomers may change the notion of ‘death’ in society

Military Funerals

Medical Examiner

The Traditional American Funeral

What to do when a loved one dies away from home

What to do when someone dies

Whole Body Donation in the United States

Funeral-related Products & Services – Provides links to articles explaining various funeral services and funeral merchandise.
A Guide to Sending Funeral Flowers and Sympathy Flowers

Air Transportation for Funeral Homes

A Life Celebrated: How a ‘Life Celebration’ can help commemorate your loved one

Alternative Funerals – What are your options today?

Ash Scattering

Burial Insurance

Buying and Selling Cemetery Plots


Creating an Online Memorial Tribute

Cremation Urns

Fusion in the Funeral Industry – How does the traditional become postmodern?

Grave Markers and Headstones

How to create your own memorial tributes

How to transport cremated remains

Immortalizing Your Loved One in a Memorial Diamond

Memorial Candles

The Online Funeral: How digital technology can reshape funerals as we know them

What to do when a US citizen dies in Mexico

Memorial Reef

Cremation – As cremation gains in popularity, here you can find some articles to help you understand more about cremation as a disposition option.
Ash Scattering in the Caribbean

Average cremation costs in New England

Can an obese person be cremated?

Cheap Cremation…..How Cost and Convenience is Changing our Funeral Plans

Cheap Funeral: Arranging a Funeral on a Budget can still be dignified!

Cremation and the Catholic Church

Cremation laws and arranging a cremation

Direct Cremations

Finding a Low-cost Cremation?

Finding a low cost funeral or cremation option in the US

2018 NFDA Cremation Rates

How many funeral homes are creating a new cremation arm to optimize the market place

Looking for a “low cost” or even FREE cremation service?

Low Cost Cremations

Outdoor Cremation – the Funeral Pyre of a mountain town in Colorado

Pet Cremations

What is a Cremation Society?

What is the average cost of a cremation?

What is the average cost of a cremation in New Jersey?

What is the best price for a cremation or funeral in Southwest Florida?

Funeral Planning – Several useful articles that cover different aspects of how to plan a funeral, cremation or ‘Life Celebration’.
Arranging & Planning a Jewish Funerals

What are the average funeral costs to expect?

Eight Tips for Executors

Funeral Planning in the Age of the Handheld Device

How to Plan a Simple and Affordable Funeral or Cremation Service

How To Save Money Arranging A Funeral

Putting your affairs in order

Planning a Funeral Service

Planning & Preparing for a Funeral

Preparing a will or living will

What are your option on how to pay for a funeral or cremation

What do I do if I can’t afford a funeral?

What is my best and safest option for putting aside money for a funeral?

What is the difference between a funeral and memorial service

Crowdfunding a Funeral

Funeral-related News – A topical section that includes a selection of news articles concerning the funeral industry.
An industry in Change: How cremation is becoming the Nation’s Preferred Funeral Option

An Exposé of the Death Care Industry:  CNBC “Death: It’s a Living”

Death Never Takes a Holiday

Diamonds are Forever: How Your Loved Ones’ can be Immortalized like Michael Jackson!

Funeral Homes catering to Hispanic Population

Funeral homes turn to event hosting to boost revenues

Funeral Poverty in the 21st Century

Google introduces new option to help users plan for their ‘digital afterlife’

Maritime Mortuary – the cruise to eternity!

Neptune Society increasing cremation costs

Reaching out to the Growing Hispanic Population

US Funeral Market

Green Funerals or Natural Burial – Articles about how to conduct a green funeral, how to arrange a home funeral and a directory of green burial cemeteries.
DIY Funeral Care: Family-directed Funerals

DIY Caskets and Coffins

Green Funerals

Green Burial Sites in the US

Green Caskets & Coffins

Miscellaneous – Here you will find some topics relating to death care that cannot be easily classified.
African-American Funeral Homes in America

Caskets and Supermarkets – Walmart enters the Death-Care Market Place!

Capturing a DNA Sample Before a Cremation

Drive-thru Viewing at Funeral Homes

Economic crisis tests the Funeral Industry

Federal Trade Commission ‘Funeral Law’ conducts Undercover Investigations

Funeral Glossary of Terms

Funeral Home Ordered to Cease the Liquid Cremation of Bodies

Funeral Potatoes

Glossary of Funeral Terms: How to Understand the General Price List

Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn: A National Historic Landmark

Homegoing Funerals: An African-American Funeral Tradition

A Living Funeral

How modern attitudes to death rituals and a lean to life celebration is changing how we face the inevitable

How to protect the deceased from identity theft

Indigent Funerals & Cremations

Pop Music and Monty Python on the Musical Score at Funerals

Service Corporation International (SCI)

Supersize My Funeral’: How is the Obesity Epidemic in the U.S. impacting on the Funeral Industry?

Thinking ‘Outside of the Box’:  How Baby Boomers are challenging the Funeral Industry!

Understanding the FTC’s Funeral Rule and how it affects your rights when arranging a funeral

US Funeral Homes Adapting to Host Weddings and Other Life Celebration Events

Why do so many funeral homes not display funeral prices on their web sites?

FAQ's relating to funerals and cremations

Funerales Hispanos
Planear un Funeral o Cremación en Texas

Que hay que hacer si necesita repatriar el cuerpo de su ser querido de los Estados Unidos a México

Planear un Funeral o Cremación en el estado de Florida

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