Funeral homes in Lamesa, Tx

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Funeral Homes in Lamesa

Below you will find a list of all the funeral homes in Lamesa. Each listing provides full address details, map and directions to the funeral home and contact phone numbers. 

    What is the average cost of a funeral in Lamesa?

    How much a funeral is going to cost can be an important question to many families today, and a deciding factor in which funeral home or cremation provider in Lamesa to select.  The cost of a funeral can vary quite significantly, depending on the services provider you select and the type of funeral service you opt for.

    The average cost of a funeral has been surveyed at $8,350 by the Cremation Association of North America (CANA), and $7,045 by the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA).  This cost does not include any cemetery fees, so the full cost for a funeral is likely to be nearer $10,000.

    Funeral costs are made up of professional service fees and funeral merchandise. It is possible to reduce funeral costs by selecting a more affordable funeral services provider in Lamesa and purchasing funeral merchandise, such as a casket, from a third-party seller.

    How much does a cremation cost in Lamesa?

    The average cost of a cremation is $2,250 according to CANA. However, you are likely to find that cremation costs in Lamesa will differ between cremation providers and crematories.  The price of a cremation will also depend on whether you opt for a basic cremation or a full service cremation.

    Direct cremation in Lamesa

    A direct cremation is a very simple and inexpensive cremation option.  Lamesa direct cremation services offer a basic, no fuss, option to conduct a cremation disposition at the lowest cost possible.  To find the best price on direct cremation in Lamesa, you need to check out the DFS Memorials provider for Lamesa.

    Preplanning a funeral in Lamesa

    Preplanning a funeral is an ideal way to ensure your final wishes are met and the finances to cover your funeral expenses are laid aside.  It can remove a burden of emotional decision-making and financial stress from surviving family all important in these more difficult economic times!

    You can take out a funeral plan with a funeral home in Lamesa, or make funeral insurance arrangements.  Alternatively, you can set up a P.O.D account and document your wishes in readiness.  A funeral planning guide for Lamesa is available in our Library/Info section on the left, as are many other articles to assist you plan a funeral in Lamesa.

    Cremation plans in Lamesa

    You can also arrange a prepaid cremation plan in Lamesa if you wish.  Simple, low cost cremation plans are available from most cremation services providers.  The cost for a cremation plan will depend upon certain factors, such as your age at the time of taking out the plan, how the plan is financed and what is included with the cremation plan. 

    There are some very affordable cremation plans in Lamesa, so be sure to check and compare cremation providers.

    Send flowers to a funeral home in Lamesa

    If you wish to send funeral flowers to a funeral home in Lamesa, you can select the funeral home to send flowers to, or click here to view a full selection of funeral flowers.

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